27 November 2017

Advice and Reminders for Pluto Transits

Pluto transit periods are the autumns of our lives.
Everything seems to die and fall away.
We will only be dragged with it when we refuse to let go.

Pluto rules death, but it is not the physical death.
Death reminds us that everything we accumulate in life will be stripped away one day.
We leave this earth only with the things we came here with - our naked bodies.
Not even a sense of identity, definitely not any material possessions, no belief systems.
So it is with Pluto transits: they are like a death in the sense that everything we thought we needed and everything our ego held onto and defined as "ours" is stripped away from us.
It can be freeing in the sense that once we realize we can live without this stuff (be it money, people, faith, success, etc), we realize our true power - we don't really need anyone or anything to survive.
Then we can choose to invite something into our lives, not from the position of a beggar, controlled by and at the mercy of something, relying on it.
Instead, it is a free choice with the knowledge that we do not depend on it.
With Pluto transits, there is a feeling of having to start from scratch.

You won't die, your relationship doesn't have to end, you won't have to lose your job - but you can't come out of the Pluto transits without letting go of how you used to be, how the relationship dynamic used to work, etc.
Pluto is about evolution. The thing that doesn't work anymore, that doesn't serve you anymore has to be left behind.
The things that don't adapt during the Plutonian evolution won't survive.

Before a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it turns into goo in the cocoon.
You have to become like this too, completely let go of control, have a near-death experience, be like goo, just allow life to happen, allow things to die off.
The caterpillar does survive technically, but in a completely different form. It's no longer a caterpillar, it's a butterfly. And this was only possible because it was willing to let the old self die. Everything survives Pluto transits, but in different forms.

"Don't grieve.
Anything you lose comes round in another form."

When a person we love leaves us, love does not leave us. Because we are the source of it.
The love is in the person that loves, not in the one being loved.
So love can always come around in a different form. We are the source of love. We don't have to force love to stay alive in the form of a specific person or relationship or hobby or what have you - love is always there, somewhere.
Pluto is about realizing that the essence cannot die - which doesn't just relate to love.
We may have to find success and money through another career/job, we may have to find faith through another spiritual or religious path, we may have to find ourselves in another identity or style. But the essence never leaves us. In A Course in Miracles it says that "Nothing real can die" and Pluto is about learning to value the immortal essence of something more than the mortal shell.

People used to have animal sacrifice rituals because they saw in nature that whenever something dies something new can grow from these fertile grounds. Thats why, to make sure plants keep growing and animals keep reproducing, they would kill - death means life (paradoxically).
I think this is important in a metaphorical sense.
Whenever we feel stuck in life or as a person, we need to let something die so something new has a space to breathe and something to feed off of.
Thats what pluto teaches, to shed old skins, to be reborn like a phoenix, transform.
The motto of Pluto transits should be: don't force a dead thing to stay alive. Allow it to fertilize the grounds for something fresh.
The end of one thing is just the start of another thing.

"Pluto operates like a good parent or a wise spiritual master. He doesn’t engineer our suffering; our own confusion does that. It’s not the transit, but our resistance to it that creates the pain. We’re attached to something disempowering; it holds us back. The crucial part of Pluto’s interrogation is to identify “that which we hold most dear,” so we know what to relinquish. Initially we’re frightened it’s something external we must lose-a marriage, a child, our standing in the world. These may or may not disappear. But more often the real binkie we’re sucking on is some stupid notion that has been holding our limited world in place."
Dana Gerhardt 

Pluto transits are a time for getting rid of old beliefs and shells of personality like a snake shedding an old skin.
Getting rid of what no longer serves us, what has outlived its purpose, an evolution of the soul.

Celebrate the funeral of old beliefs and old ideas of who you are.
Get rid of the idea that something dying is bad.
The essence cannot die.

02 November 2017

Advice and Reminders for Saturn Transits

Saturn is the energy of crystallization and homeostasis. This means that it's Saturn's job to slow down energy in order to make it solid. Saturn rules the physical world of matter, because matter is basically energy vibrating so slowly that it appears to be solid. Once energy is crystallized into a tangible form, this solidity needs to be preserved and conserved – that is homeostasis. Avoiding change, sticking to a certain form.

So whenever there is a strong influence of Saturn it means that things become defined, that possibilities narrow down and the tolerance for uncertainty and change decreases. It’s a heavy energy with lots of pressure, it’s all about compressing.
The Saturnian influence can feel very uncomfortable because it makes you more rigid and thus less able to deal with uncertainty and be flexible. You become worried, anxious, insecure and will hate any form of change. At the same time, there is a feeling of lack and deprivation. We are somehow stuck between feeling like the victim of our own circumstances and being terrified of changing anything. This is a very tough spot to be in.Time is another constraint put on us. Saturn makes us feel the pressure of time, makes us scared that we are behind or that we won’t have enough time and resources to get everything done.

The lesson of Saturn

Saturn gives a feeling of deprivation and lack. We feel punished and like a victim. We pity ourselves, look for a scapegoat and divert responsibility, blame someone else. This puts us into a powerless place of inferiority. However, if we identify as a victim, we fail to realize that the problems that are created by your mind can be solved by your mind. We have to take responsibility for them.

Saturn also deals with sickness and disease so both mental and physical ailments can come up during Saturn transits. Especially those which are related to lack - a lack in certain nutrients, a lack in energy,etc. While Saturn was transiting my 12th house (which deals with sleep and the unconscious) I started struggling with insomnia - sleep deprivation.
During times of both mental and physical illness it is important to love yourself and the process of healing more than you are afraid of the sickness. Especially with psychological or psychosomatic problems it is helpful to realize that they start in the mind and that you can end them with your mind. During Saturn transits, the same problem may come back up again and again so remind yourself that a problem only comes back when you are ready for an even higher level of healing.
Saturn is about maturation. According to Erich Fromm, the goal of psychological development and maturation is learning to deal with uncertainty. Psychological illnesses are the coping mechanisms of those who can’t deal with uncertainty in other ways. Dealing with uncertainty, mind you, does not mean getting rid of it. There is no certainty and no security in life. Security only exists in death. Life is insecurity. Being aware of this and not avoiding uncertainty but living in spite of it is psychological maturity and health.
The only certainty is uncertainty. As long as you are alive, there is uncertainty. Certainty exists only in death. So, uncertainty is a good thing! It means you are alive.

Fear is not the enemy

 “Take note that the fear exists, but still go on. That’s what I mean when I say go in spite of the fear. Trembling, okay; shaking, okay – go on! Tremble like a small new leaf in the strong wind. […] So be soft, be tender, be delicate, be afraid, but never be hindered by it and don’t repress it. […] So first drop the idea of dropping fear. Second, accept it; it is part of you. And third, watch it, observe it; try to understand why it is there and what it is. […] The only security possible is to start enjoying insecurity. That looks paradoxical, but all that is true in life is always paradoxical. Truth is a paradox. Love insecurity and it disappears. Not that you become secure, but when you start loving and enjoying insecurity, who bothers? There is no worry, no anxiety about it. And one remains open.” - Osho

This is not hard to do when you realize that that is what you have been doing your entire life. There’s always been insecurity and uncertainty and worry and fear and anxiety but you’ve always kept on living. And it will continue to be this way in the future. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Whether you are afraid or not does not matter.

“Attempting the mastery of fear is useless. In fact, it asserts the power of fear by the assumption that it need be mastered. The true resolution rests entirely on mastery through love.”- A Course in Miracles

Some Advice

Be patient. Don’t hurry the process. Don’t think that you should be somebody else, that you should be somewhere else by now, that you should be doing something else by now. That’s like stirring muddy water. You need to be patient and just wait for the mud to settle and and the water to become clear. This is a process that can’t be forced. Practice patience. Things will fall into place. Things will develop the way they are supposed to. Wait for the lesson that this situation is teaching. Don’t panic trying to go back to how things used to be. You are not a victim and you don’t have to fix anything or perform a certain way. There is no fixed way of how things should be. You can’t hurry this. Trust and give it time.
Change your focus from fear to appreciation and from deprivation to gratitude. Being in complete gratitude for where you are right now will shift your energy.


Life is not a performance. Life has no goal. You can’t get life wrong. There’s no way to get everything done and right, because life is a constant journey and process.
You can always ask for help.
Tomorrow will take care of itself. Just take care of the things you can take care of now.
You are not a victim. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Whatever is happening is supposed to happen, be open to seeing why.
The only certainty is uncertainty. Don’t resist life, stay open and curious.
Whether you are scared or not, life will keep on unfolding.
What you resist persists. The assumption that fear needs be mastered asserts its power. Accept that it will always be there but live anyways.

To me personally it was really helpful to read articles and watch YouTube videos about Saturn Transits, because it made me feel like I wasn't just randomly doomed to live a tough life. It made me feel like there was a specific reason for this hard time in my life that you could point out on my astrological chart - Saturn is crossing my Sun and Ascendant.
People are able to predict these hard times when they look for Saturn transits. Other people feel the same way when going through these transits, that's why there's a ton of books and articles about Saturn transits indicating a rough period in your life.
You aren't the only one going through this. I knew my friend was going through the hardest time of her life three years earlier, which was when Saturn was crossing her Ascendant. This made it easier for me to accept that this is simply a phase that everyone will have to go through at some point in their lives.

If you can know for sure that this period will start with your Saturn transit, you can also trust that it will end with the Saturn transit.
That is the main thing that kept me going - Saturn will eventually leave my sign, even if it goes retrograde a few times and I experience setbacks again and again.
There is a season for everything. There are ebbs and flows.There is a time for this to happen, and there is a time for this to end. Just trust the process.
When you know for certain that this period will end, you aren't as desperate for it to be over. You can actually soak up the Saturnian lessons. Saturn wants us to mature and define ourselves and our lives more clearly. I recently heard someone say "Love the obstacle until it ceases to be one." Consciously try to learn as much as you can during this transit, make the most of it. Because it will be over.

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