22 July 2013

Advice for Leo Moon Dramaqueens

If you have a Leo Moon, you show the characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo when you get emotional.

Now Leo is ruled by the sun.
The sun, as we all know, is in the center of the solar system.
The whole world is spinning around Leos - literally!
Just like the Lion is the king of the animals, Leo is the king of the zodiac signs.
So, emotionally, everything is about Leo moon people - at least it is in their minds!
Thats why they are the Dramaqueens and Sasskings.

As soon as things get emotional, your moon sign inside you comes out.
As a leo moon person, you will start to feel as if you are the center of everything and everythng is all about you.
This is why you easily take even the most stupid and irrelevant things personal, which can easily result in you making a drama about it!

You cant take criticism well because deep inside, you feel like youre the king so clearly you cannot deal with getting questioned.

Leo is also all about children, shows and entertainment so its not just that leo moon people are dramaqueens when theyre upset or angry theyre also the ones who can be real party animals if they want to and really lose control and go crazy when theyre flooded with joy and they will be super contagious with their lavishness and loudness.

Having that inner dramaqueen because of the Leo moon might seem like a bad constellation to have or one that is really hard to deal with.
But actually, there is no such thing as a good or a bad constellation in astrology.
As long as youre aware of your chart and you know why you are the way you are you can learn to accept your flaws and work with them instead of against them.

If you know someone with a Leo moon;
next time they start being dramatic dont try to hold it against them -
because really, its just their way of reacting to their emotions and it comes naturally to them!

Leo moon people, stay sassy but dont think that everything is all about you
because your emotions are not the center of the universe!

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