27 July 2013

Astrology 101 : Personality Layers

In Astrological Psychology you interpret the planetary constellations at the time and place of a persons birth to find out about their character traits, their talents, weaknesses, struggles, strengths and so on.
By creating a chart or a map of the sky at the time a person was born astrological psychologists believe they also create a map of that persons being.
Astronomers say that the same planetary constellation happens once every 24000 years!
So the prejudice that in astrology there are only 12 different personalities who all share the same destiny is completely wrong!

Today I'd like to introduce you to the six most important things to consider when interpreting someone's personality based on their astrological chart: Ascendent, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus.

The Onion Theory
The three main personality indicators in Astrology are the Ascendent, the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign.
They make up a persons basic character traits and can be compared to an onion: It has several layers, which are all slighty see-through, while you need to look at it longer and more intensely to see the inner layers.
In the case of your astrological chart, your ascendent is the very outer layer, the sun is in the middle and the moon is the center of your personality.

  • Ascendent: governs your persona or mask and also your physical appearance
  • Sun: governs your individuality, your distinctive style, and your drive to fulfill your dreams in life.
  • Moon: governs your emotions, instincts, the unconscious, and your instinctive reactions.
  • Mercury: governs your mental activities, communication, and intellectual energy.
  • Venus: governs love affairs, art&beauty, adornment&decoration, the social graces, affection, harmony, and friendship.
  • Mars: governs your sex drive, forcefulness, and aggression.

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