30 July 2013

Astrology 101: Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspects

When you first get into Astrology and realize that there's a lot more to it than the twelve zodiac signs all of it might be a bit confusing.

Today, I'd like to explain the signs, planets, houses and aspects in your astrological chart with a different approach.

Planets - Actors
The ten planets in your horoscope can be described as actors - they are your different "faces".

Signs - Roles
The sign the planet is in decides which role the "actor" is playing.
The sign describes the qualities and traits the actor takes on and how he expresses himself.

Houses - Stages
So, the actor has now taken on a specific role.
Now it's time to put him on a stage.
The house a planet is in determines the area of your life in which this actors will play.

Aspects - Interactions
The aspects are specific distances between the planets and axes.
Now that all your actors have taken on a role and have been placed on their stages, these aspects determine how they interact with each other and whether they "get along well".
Do they support each other? Do they fight and argue? Will they find a compromise?

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