22 July 2013

Moon Signs in Astrology - Connect with your Inner Child

The influence the moon has on our earth can easily be seen through the tides, high tide and low tide.
It has long been scientifically proven that the moon controls the tides.

The moon influences us humans as well -
theres the term lunatic, which refers to people who are insane or who have gone crazy.

We have known for ages that we, as humans, are influenced by the moon, because during full moons, a lot of people have mood swings or they get headaches etc.
It is even statistally the time most people go insane!

Some say that this is because our bodies are mostly made up of water and if the moon controls the water in the oceans, it controls the water in our bodies as well.

Now, your moon sign does not indicate how insane you are but rather who you are when you let all your walls down, when you lose all rationality and your mask and you just let your emotions take over.

You can witness a persons moon sign personality when they get really pissed off or really upset or extremely happy and joyful.
Thats where they dont care about anything anymore except for the expression of their own feelings.

Your moon sign is also your personality as a child because at an early age, you havent build up any walls yet, you always act out of your own emotions and dont think about what youre doing

So if you want to be your true self you have to build a strong connection to your moon sign!

How connected do you feel to your moon sign?

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