23 July 2013

The eternal struggle of Virgos

“What do you think of Virgos ?”—Anonymous
They're so helpful that it annoys me.
Always trying to get all up in your shit even if you didn't ask them.
They arent born to be tolerant or open-minded but they try really hard to be.
Actually they try really hard with everything, always wanting to be a practical, helpful, logical help to everyone.

Virgos are perfectionists - regarding themselves. Thats why they cant take criticism. Theyre basically just very hard on themselves because they assume everyone is as critical with them as they are with themselves.

Cosequently, Virgos can have self esteem issues and try to be better people by constantly offering help and advice and a helping hand and - give yourself a break!

You don't have to work your butt off to be considered a good person.

As a Virgo, you are witty and funny and nice and others don't expect you to prove yourself as much as you think. The only person you constantly have to prove yourself to is yourself!

I know Virgos have good intentions but to me its quite annoying how they make everything so complicated.
But thats just the point of view of a careless Sagittarius.
So, if you want to take advice from a mutable fire sign: Chill out. You're great. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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