11 August 2013

Easy House Keywords

I just finished Astrology, Psychology and the four Elements by Stephen Arroyo and I really liked his approach on classifying the twelve houses, because it was really easy to understand and remember.

I found his key-word-system easily applicable to chart interpretations so I thought I'd share it with you.

All credit obviously goes to Stephen Arroyo himself; praise that man - his book was awesome.

The twelve houses are classified with the terms angular, succedent and cadent which is pretty much the same as the qualities cardinal, fixed and mutable of the houses' ruling sign.
Furthermore, the element of the ruling sign is important in classifying the houses, as well.

The first house is ruled by Aries, which is a cardinal fire sign
The second house is ruled by Taurus, which is a fixed earth sign

By looking at the quality and element of the ruling sign, you can describe the houses with these keywords:

Angular: Action
Succedent: Security
Cadent: Learning

Fire: Identity
Earth: Material
Air: Social & Intellectual
Water: Soul & Emotional

By combining these keywords, you get the following themes for the twelve houses:

House 1
Ruled by Aries (cardinal fire sign)
-> Angular fire house : Action of Identity

House 2
Material Security

House 3
Social and Intellectual Learning

House 4
Action on the Emotional and Soul Level

House 5
Security of Identity

House 6
Learning through Material experiences

House 7
Action on the Social and Intellectal Level

House 8
Emotional Security and Soul Security

House 9
Learning about one's Identity

House 10
Action in the Material world

House 11
Security on a Social and Intellectual Level

House 12
Learning on the Emotional and Soul Level

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