21 August 2013

Harry Styles ♡ Cupcake Personality ♡ Analysis

Okay, first of all, I looked at the elements in his chart:
Notice anything? It says “four elements” but in Harry’s chart, one is completely missing - Fire.
Harry Styles literally has 0.00% fire.
I dont think you need any astrological knowledge to know what this indicates.
Harry lacks energy, initiative and conquering spirit which makes him such a cute little baby.
That’s probably why all stories he tells are so slow and have no life.
That boy just doesnt have any fire.

What he does have, though, is a dominance of air, which is the other masculine element and which makes up or his complete lack of fire.
The element of air is all about socializing and ideas and communication and intellect and all that stuff.
He is very adaptable and loves people, building relationships and sharing ideas.
And, obviously, Harry does have a shit ton of hipster friends and celebrity acquaintances and he immediately connects with anyone through his charm (another airy thing).

Next up, his dominant planets;
Harry’s dominant planet is Venus, which stands for love, art and beauty (dat boy a beauty indeed)
This makes him a people pleaser, someone who loves a lot and shares a lot of love and basically love is pouring out of him 24/7.
Also, his artistic side is very strong due to his venus dominance (dat boys’ voice a piece of art indeed)
Another very strong planet in his chart is the Sun, which makes him a warm, life-loving person.
Oh, and I guess you all know that the sun is the center of the solar system so someone with a dominant sun will naturally always be in the center of attention.
This can be seen pretty well in any news article when 1D is referred to as “Harry Styles and his bandmates
He cant help it, hes the sun, hes the center, its always about him.

Everyone naturally adores him with his Venus/Sun dominance. Just like an actual cupcake.

As Harry girls probably know, he’s an Aquarius.
He also has a tattoo of the Aquarius symbol on his wrist, which is my personal favorite tbh
Anyways, Aquarius is the waterbearer. Its not a water sign though, its an air sign - one of those social ones.
The Aquarian bears the water, which is what humans need to live.
Thats why Aquarius is known as the most humanitarian sign; they’re the social revolutionists.
Just think of Oprah, Abraham Lincoln or Rosa Parks, those are all Aquarians as well.
Also, since Harry bears the water that explains why Harry girls look at pictures of him and say that theyre “thirsty”
Aquarius is associated a lot with future and modern technology, as well. Also with UFOs and all that crazy shit and thats why Aquarians often appear a bit “alien” and weird but its actually just because theyre ahead of their own time and what they do might seem unconvential now, but you know - theyre the hipsters who did everything before it was cool.
And dont tell me Harry is not the biggest Hipster.
Also, their living in the future often makes them interested in partners who are older than them.
Which Harry is.
(try figuring out whether I am talking about women or a bandmember)
Anyways, this Aquarius weirdness is like the topping of the Harry Cupcake.


  1. Hey,how can I find my dominant planets?

    1. Its a bit more complicated to find out, it has to do with the angles between the planets.

      You can also calculate it though, which is described here:


    2. Thanks,dear! It helped me a lot! My dominant planets are Venus, Moon and then Jupiter. Thanks!

  2. Can you do Louis?

  3. Haha amazing! Would you consider doing all the boys? :)

  4. just go to astrotheme that's where she got this from.

  5. His chart ruler is Mercury - in his case, in Pisces and conjunct Saturn. That's another reason why when he speaks there's no energy and life and he sounds distant. Gemini rising people are also charming, flirty and sociable - in his case he is but in a more tone down/cool way because of his chart ruler position and aspects. Plus his moon squares Neptune and Uranus - he probably finds it easy to socialise and meet people but not to fully commit to them, and most likely to have many confused emotions. His chart has Western Hemisphere emphasis, so he really relies on people, likes to please them and prefers to be in groups.

  6. I don't think this a good chart reading. The person seems like a fan and overlooking his negative traits. Everybody has them. I think anyone with a basic chart knowledge good do his chart, and guess based on what we know about him already.


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