03 September 2013

Sun in Aquarius

People often forget that being an Aquarius is different from being a Sagittarius or a Capricorn not just because they have different personality traits.
With your sun in Aquarius, it's in exile, so this isn't just any sun placement.

As I explained in the Venus in Scorpio post, a planet in exile struggles to express itself and is challenged in some way because it's energy is supressed.
The sun is your inner king, your desire to rule and make things happen.
An Aquarius doesn't want to be a king though!
Aquarius does not understand the concept of hierachy or authority and they hate the idea of showing certain people more respect than others - they want to respect everyone - be it their school's headmaster or the unpopular quiet kid in their class.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign, the waterbearer, the one who has what people need.

They don't want to rule and they don't want to be put on a throne.
Actually, they'd rather kick the person on the throne down and rebel against society.
Aquarians are completely un-authoritarian.
They want to meet everyone eye-to-eye, like a friend.

The suns natural placement is in leo, because here it can reign and roar.
Opposite of leo in the zodiac wheel, theres aquarius.
If leo is the father, then Aquarius is the rebellious teenager.

Sometimes, though, they may rebell against authorities just for the sake of making clear that they hate hierachies.

While the Leo says "Look at me I am important" the Aquarius says "Look at these struggling people they are important"
Leo believes in hierachy, Aquarius believes in anarchy.

While Leo thinks that theyre special and the rest is a mass of people who are all the same, Aquarius strongly believes in the uniqueness and individualism of every single person.

- Marina


  1. As an aquarius sun I support this blog post A+ very accurate on all accounts amazing (like literally every sentence is true for me well done)


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