19 October 2013

Pluto Lessons - How to be a Phoenix

I mentioned before on my tumblr that I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with a plutonian astrologer who gave me a lot of insights on what Pluto is essentially about.

In whatever astrological house (area of life) your Pluto is placed in, you might have a “fail for spite” attitude (that’s what she called it).

Especially if you have a strong Pluto, you subconsciously cause yourself to fail over and over again in that area of life just to say “i told you so!” to yourself.

Maybe in an even traumatic scenario, you’ve failed there before and you’ve gained a “oh whatever who even cares about that i dont need that” attitude towards that area of life and you will “fail for spite” just to proof yourself that you will never amount to anything there.

You try to convince yourself that you’ve been destined not to succeed in that area of life so you avoid it and/or fail in it by will (subconsciously).

Become the phoenix rising from his own ashes!
Since Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, of transformation and of power, this pluto-area of your life has great potential when you fully accept it.

Become really clear about what area of life you are denying, where you dont allow yourself any succes just to prove yourself the idea youve been holding that youve been destined to fail.
Really beocme aware of it and then admit that you really used to suck horribly in that area of life. USED to.
You will not subconsciously cause your own failure anymore.

You will now work towards becoming that plutonian phoenix rising out of his own ashes.

Your pluto area of life can actually become your strongest point once youve been through the death and rebirth / transformation process.
The only problem is, you will have to die and turn to ashes before you can rise out of them as a phoenix.

Transformations are a really hard thing but they will be rewarded higher than you could ever imagine.
In Greek Mythology, Hades (the greek equivalent of Pluto) is the god of the underworld and he, as well, stands for death and rebirth.

In our western society nowadays, these are seen as bad things, but, actually, Hades used to be on one level with Zeus and Poseidon, because people understood that destruction is a form of creation and something has to die for something better to blossom.
Today, however, Hades is often portrayed as Satan-like, simply because he rules the underworld. This used to not be anything negative though.

Zeus, Hades and Poseidon (Brothers aww)

Fully acknowledge your plutonian problem and start conducting your tranformation consciously. Force yourself to try again and again, even after failure and keep in mind that once you’ve been through this transformation, you’ve been destined to become great in that area of life. Really believe in that.

You cannot be great at something if you havent been good before. You cannot be good at something if you havent been okay before. You cannot be okay if you havent sucked and you cannot improve if you never try.
Lose that “oh who needs that anyways im destined to fail so whatever” mentality.

That is the Plutonian Lesson.

It will be hard but it will be rewarded.

Become that phoenix.


  1. loved this post. thanks for the advice / info!

    You try to convince yourself that you’ve been destined not to succeed in that area of life so you avoid it and/or fail in it by will (subconsciously). <---- that part rly got me! i was denied creative outlets due to financial problems when i was growing up and it was worse that people in my family discouraged me and made me feel horrible for even wanting it... so all my life i avoided things like writing and other creative things believing that i'm nto that kind of person but i always felt bad about that too... now i know. i have 4 planets in the 8th house and a pisces moon so yeah..

    1. Thank you ^_^
      Good Luck with your creative work!!! Make art!! As much as possible!
      xx :3

  2. Thank you for this post. I am going through a transformation for the last 5 years - it is tough, frustrating and painful especially in my career. I am lost in my career. My natal chart has Pluto conjunct the North Node in Libra. So now in 2015 I am facing transiting Pluto squaring my natal Pluto and North Node - Yikes!!!. It ain't getting easy. Furthermore, in my natal chart I have Pluto trine my Midheaven - like I said I am going through a career transformation. I need to rise from the ashes. I can't take this frustrating energy anymore.


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