09 November 2013

Astro-Con 2014

In March 2014, there will be the first Astrology Convention!
It has been organized by the tumblr bloggers Astraltwelve and Shitthesignssay and it's being held on March 8th 2014 in Orlando, Florida.
(I think they said something about going to Disneyworld afterwards, which makes it even more amazing)


"We’re trying to bring together all of the zodiac, astrology, horoscope and related Tumblr blogs! It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get together and talk about our common interests! We want this to be a giant event for all of you to be able to buy astrology gear, talk to your favorite astro blogs and meet up with some of your favorite users!
We’re currently looking for blogs to invite! The more, the merrier :) At the end of the day, we’re planning a massive event for all blogs to participate in!

In addition, we’ll be renting booths for vendors, artists, and will be hosting a variety of games and events!"
This is seriously one of the best ideas ever and I really hope it's going to be succesful so that they can do it every year, making it bigger and bigger each time!

Unfortunately, I cannot attend AstroCon in 2014, I'll be writing finals and I don't have the money to fly to the USA either but if you live in the area and you haven't planned anything for March 8th, please attend!

For more information, visit their website :)

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