13 November 2013

Compatibility 101: The Elements

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire + Fire = Blaze

When two of the some elements come together, their common traits will be emphasized even more.
With two fire people, their energetic, live-loving sense of action and adventure will double.
These will have a lot in common and they will want to head into the same direction.
Since they do not complement each other and there might be too much action and drama, though, they might literally burn out at some point.
Apart from this, it's a good match.

Fire + Earth = Suffocated Fire

When you throw earth on a fire, the flames will grow weaker and die very soon.
This is what happens when a fiery person and an earthy person come together;
the passion, action-drive and spirit for adventure of the fire person will be suffocated by the down-to-earth, pragmatic mentality of the earth person.
The earth person, on the other hand, will feel unstable and not secure, always in fear what kind of reckless thing the fire person will do next. Not a good match.

Fire + Air = Flames

When you blow air in a fire, the oxygen will make the fire grow even bigger.
When a fire and an air person meet, the intellectual, quick-witted and sociable nature of the air person will fuel the fire.
The fire person will have more ideas for adventures and the air person will have someone who will put their ideas into action.
A good and complemantary team.

Fire + Water = Extinguished Fire

When water meets fire, the flames are extinguished.
The passion, drive and aggression of a fire person is stopped through the sensitive, emotional nature of a water person.
The fire person will say what (s)he thinks and gor for whatever feeds their appetite for action.
The water person will have their feelings hurt and stop the fire person in their activeness.
Not a very good match.

Air + Air = Wind

When two air signs come together, they create a whirlwind of creative, intellectually stimulating short trips and conversations.
They bring a lot of coomon traits into the conversation, both being objective thinkers who constantly need to learn and experience new things. And talk. Tons.
Although, in the long run, the depth in the relationship may be missing, these do get along well. 

Air + Earth = Dust

When wind hits earth, it is blown through the air and loses it grounded, solid nature.
Air is all about short, superficial exitement while Earth is about long-term security values.
The air whirling around, in search of new excitements and conversations, is stopped when it hits the cold hard ground.
Earth needs lasting things, air needs new things.
Not a very good match.

Earth + Earth = Soil

Two earth signs create a really grounded relationship.
They can provide for each other the sort of stability and security they seek in a relationship.
Both are concerned with the more wordly, mundane things in life.
When both partners want the same things, that's obviously a good foundation for a relationship, but a complenetary partner, who will introduce you to other realms of life might be desired in the long-term.
Still a really good match, though.

Air + Water = Rain

When air hits water, it loses its stable fluidity. The air, on the other side, loses its lightness.
Air people live in their heads, they are objective and scientific.
Water people think with their hearts, they are controlled by their emotions.
When these two come together, both will feel misunderstood.
The air person will be accused of being cold and calculating, while the water person will be accused of being a clingy wimp.
They don't go well together.

Earth + Water = Mud

Earth and water mix really well together. When astrologers say earth and water create mud, people often think it's a bad thing, when, in reality, it is the contrary.
In certain cultures, houses are build with mud. These buildings are both stable and homey. Just like an Earth/Water relationship.
Earth brings the stability, the values and the down-to-earth pragmatic mentality.
Water brings the emotional, caring deepness.
A really good match.

Water + Water = River

Water is a fluid element, able to fit into any container and flow around barriers.
Combined with another water sign, these abilities gain more power and a strong stream starts flowing.
Theyre both really connected to their emotional world and their intuitions and they find someone who shares their empathy.
Thats why two water signs feel very secure and understood with each over.
Over a longer period of time, though, they might need someone who brings them out of the clouds down to earth or from their hearts into their heads from time to time.
Still a really good match.


The positive elements (Air and Fire) go well with each other and
the negative elements (Water and Earth) go well with each other. ♥

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