04 November 2013

Indpendent or Dependent? Public or Private?

The zodiac wheel, or a birth chart in specific, can be divided into four quadrants.
These quadrants are divided by the horizontal AC/DC axis and the vertical MC/IC axis.
[insert funny refernce to the band AC/DC]

The following might be a bit complicated, so try and check the drawing above that I made to understand what I'm talking about :)

AC is the Ascendent, it describes your self-perception and DC is the Desendant, it describes your perception of others.

This horizontal axis seperates the upper and the lower part of the chart.
The upper representing the public life and the lower representing the private life.

MC is the Medium Coeli or Midheaven, it describes your public persona, your image and career.
It is therefore in the middle of the public life in your chart.
IC is the Immum Coeli, it describes your private persona and your home environment and is therefore in the middle of the private part of your chart.

This vertical axis seperates the independent and the dependent parts of the chart.
The AC, the self, is therefore the center of the independent part and the DC, others, is therefore the center of the dependent part.

Check your chart to see which of the four quadrants has the most planets in it to see whether you're public or private and whether you're indpendent or dependent.

First Quadrant: Indpendent and Private
The first quadrant includes houses 1, 2 and 3. 
These are the houses between the Ascendant (self) and the Immum Coeli (home).
If your first quadrant has a high number of planets in it, you will be both independent and private.
You therefore might be a bit of a lone wolf, always doing things for yourself, by yourself and without thinking of anyone else or telling them.
You feel you get most things done by doing them without anyone bothering you and you do them without considering other peoples opinions.

Example: Beyonce Knowles

Second Quadrant: Dependent and PrivateThe second quadrant includes houses 4, 5 and 6. 
These are the houses between the Immum Coeli (home) and the Descendant (others).
With a large number or the majority of the planets in your second quadrant, you will be a dependent and private person.
Your main focus in life will be your close ones and especially finding that special someone.
Your main goal is to feel so comfortable around people, that both of you can open up emotionally.

Example: Taylor Swift

Third Quadrant: Dependent and Public
 The third quadrant includes houses 7, 8 and 9.
These are the houses between the Descendent (others) and the Midheaven (image, career).
With most of the planets in your chart in this quadrant, you are a dependent and public person.
You are definetly a people-person, someone who succeeds through his/her connections and getting along with all social groups and you're a good team worker.
Example: I actually couldnt find one, but if you know one or suspect to know a celebrity, who, in your eyes, is a dependent and public person, please comment or message me :)

Fourth Quadrant: Independent and Public
The fourth quadrant includes houses 10, 11 and 12.
These are the houses between the Midheaven (career, image) and the Ascendent (self).
With a large number or the majority of planets in this quadrant, you are an independent and public person. 
You can easily gain a lot of succes, though probably not by working in a team.
You like working on yourself, by yourself, to reach that goal you always have in mind.
You happily and proudly share your process with others. 
Example: Kim Kardashian


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  2. Isn`t Harry Styles dependent and public?

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