01 November 2013

Sagittarius - Overcoming Insecurity ♥

A few weeks ago, there has been a discussion on my tumblr on whether or why a lot of Sagittarians are not the way they are portrayed in books and on websites - confident, outgoing, adventurers.
Since my explanations received a lot of positive feedback and were quite relatable for other Sagittarians I thought I'd go a bit deeper into the topic in this blogpost.
And this advice is for anyone who is insecure - but especially for people with a Sagittarius Sun, Ascendent or Moon.
A horse body with a human torso pointing his bow and arrow to the sky, the symbol for Sagittarius.

The first message was:

I'm a Sagittarius and I'm nothing like EVERY website describes me... "Outgoing, loves outdoors, etc." I'm so conservative and shy mostly. I feel like no one knows me.
Most websites and books say that Sagittarians are outgoing and confident which is mostly not true.
I’ve never met a Sagittarius who wasn’t insecure. That’s because they have this huge ideal of what they should be like.
You know how the symbol of the sagittarius is a horse body with a human torso with a bow and an arrow? The arrow is pointing somewhere in the sky. Thats what they constantly focus on - what they are trying to become, the future - not that they are okay the way they are right now.
Because of this ideal of something higher, something divine, they hate their “horse part”, their primitive, mundane, flawed part. They dont want to accept it but work towards the thing theyre pointing at with the arrow. Thats why theyre insecure.
Also, for most Sagittarians, the “traveling and adventuring” is not so much a thing outside but rather one of traveling in the own mind, so they often seem spaced out or constantly daydreaming.
I feel like the majority of sagittarius-descriptions get these two things wrong.

My Advice

You have to accept that you will never "arrive" at a certain point.
You wil never reach an absolute ideal, because the more you move forward, the more does the horizon move forward as well.
You have reached one goal, another arises. You will never say "Okay, now I am finished developing. Now I am perfect. I have reached everything as a person. Good." 
That'd be horrible.
What you have to do is realize that youve never been better than you are at this very moment.
Youve never had more experience.
You are at your best yet at this very moment.

The future is a concept, it does not exist.
The future will never come, it is just one now, followed by another now, another now....
Therefore, right now, you are the best you.
You are always better than just a moment ago.
Appreciate this instead of holding onto a future ideal.
Have gratitude for the personal development youve been through so far.
Whoever you are, youve never been a better one.

You don't actually "grow" as a person, you just start accepting and becoming yourself more.
Its been there all along. You just needed to realize.

The more you try to be special, the more you are like everyone else. Thats the paradox.
Because everyone tries to be special, nobody is special.
The less you try to become someone and just concentrate on being who you are right now, the more special you will be.
Accept every single thing about you right now and you have reached the ideal you for this very moment.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.
To yourself.
Dont concentrate on the bulls eye in the distance.
The you right now, right here, is what you need to concentrate on.
Not the inexistent, future one.

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