06 November 2013

Taurus Girls

Kelly Clarkson at her farm wedding
Taurus girls are the southern, country girl type.
They're the girl next door - down to earth and really sweet.
Like Kelly Clarkson, who is a Taurus as well - she's the America's sweetheart type.

Taurus girls love good company, good food and comfort. The simple, good things in life.
They feel connected to nature and love animals.
Taureans like soft things and creating a nice home and cooking a good meal and eating savory foods.
Especially on a table full of good friends and family.
And their pets lying under the table. 

They're good hearted and nice and they especially love romance.
They are hopeless romantics - in love with love and all the clichés.
That is candle light dinners, hearts out of rose petals, champagne in the bath tub, star gazing,..

However, a more troubling thing about Taurus girls is that they can be really conservative and stick to their ideas and rituals.
Theyre a really stubborn sign, because their main need is a feeling of stability and security.
That's why they enjoy luxury and wealth so much - not because theyre superficial, but because financial security is what makes them feel safe.

As for physical appearance, Taurus girls are really blessed, especially with a Taurus ascendent.
The sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, art and beauty.
As an earth sign, Taurus women tend to look like "Mother Nature" - natural, womanly, curvy.
They also usually have doe eyes and pretty faces.
(This is because Taurus rules the second house, which is associated with the face.)

Furthermore, Taurus rules over the vocal chords so they have the potential to be really good singers.
Good examples are Adele and Mariah Carey, both known for their great voices, and both Taurus women.

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