18 November 2013

Twin Arrows: Sagittarius & Gemini

Today's article is from guest author Natasha from Starseedastrology:

I am 17, from Australia and been into astrology ever since I can remember, but just moved to more advanced stuff from simple sun signs :)

The Archer and Faith

Of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius has the most to do with religion, ethics, morality, or spirituality. It is also the sign of hope, faith, optimism, honesty, benevolence, clarity, vision, and growth. The same qualities can be attributed to the planet Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Jupiter works best in its home sign of Sagittarius, bringing out the best or purest qualities of that sign. Those with Jupiter in Sagittarius are some of the quickest learners and along with the most intelligent.

Sun and/or Mars in Sagittarius also works well, giving the individual strong moral or ethical principles.

Mercury, Ascendant, and Uranus in Sagittarius is also a good placement although these people are more likely to communicate spirituality rather than personify it.

The remaining six planets are where the problems begin -where spirituality or morality turns into “religion” or sectarianism.

Moon, Neptune, or Pluto in Sagittarius individuals display the more traditional or conservative aspects of faith which are highly tainted with emotionalism of a more or less negative nature.
Unreasonableness or fanaticism is always a danger with these placements.
Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius tend to produce highly organized and lucrative forms of worship beneficial mainly to the individuals who have such placements in their chart.
Midheaven in Sagittarius can be either a more positive or slightly negative placement, depending on the other aspects in the chart.

 The Twins and Proof

Gemini can (in statistical ways) show proof of astrology in our everyday world.

Most twins are born under the sign of Gemini or have a strong Gemini influence in their charts.

Twins born within a couple of hours of each other will usually have the same ascendant and midheaven, and hence, the same physical appearance.

This way they will not only look the same but will think the same.
This is one way to explain common telepathic connections between twins- due to all the signs in their chart being the same (only differing by minute degrees’), and being under the influence of Gemini- ruling communication and the mind.

Indication of identical twins rarely happens before birth as their signs have not technically been ‘set in place’ yet.
In non-identical twins, the ascendant and midheaven differ, creating different people who are more likely to go on different paths in their life, however still under the strong Gemini influence and likelihood of telepathic connection, etc.

The Twin Arrows

Now all in all Gemini is the mental side, the side of thought and diversity, and as you move along the Zodiac to the opposite side, Sagittarius is the spiritual side,  the sign of clarity and righteousness.

These sister signs are the twin arrows who give humanity (or everything in general) goals, beliefs, awareness and knowledge.
Sagittarius is the eyes and Gemini is the mind. They are the signs which look beyond the horizon, cross every boundary. The two together make a partnership of endless optimism and limitless knowledge.

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