02 January 2014

Ascendent, Midheaven and Personal Development

This post is going to be about understanding the Ascendent and how it can help you develop as a person.
A good topic to start the new year with, I believe :) 
Ascendent = First house in the natal chart
= house of self  = image of self, role, way of presenting ourselves
Growing up, you develop a sense of self.

You realize that you are a person on your own and you slowly stop mirroring your parents and peers and start the process of individualization.

You start defining yourself through the things you like - Are you into computer games or would you rather play with barbies? Whats your favorite color, animal or singer?

You begin developing your own taste in things, you start asking the infamous question "Who am I? What makes me me?"

People greatly define themselves over things like social media now - what do they like on facebook? What do they post and share? What's their tumblr blog theme and which pictures do they reblog?

Everyone longs to define themselves and to have a set list of who and what they are - My name is x, my favourite shows are x and y and i belong to the following fandoms. My personality traits include x, y, and z.

And that's how people start building boxes around them, that limit and label them.
And others help them doing it, by perceiving you in a certain way and then expecting you to always be that person.

This idea of ego is described through the Ascendent in our natal chart.

It is the role or personality we and other have given ourselves so it feels comfortable slipping into it, since it is what others would expect from us and how we have experienced ourselves in the past - no surprises.

However, we as humans naturally develop and change.
So, the role you and others have given you while becoming and individual in childhood and puberty, may not fit you anymore, but you still pretend to be that person, because it is your role.
It is what you and others expect you to be like.

You may have had this situation before where you met an old friend from school and you immediately start acting like the person you were back when you were friends with them.
Or you wanted to change a personality trait, like wanting to stop being so shy. And you feel like you have devoloped the confidence and self esteem to not be shy anymore but you still don't feel comfortable acting confident, because you and others know you as a shy person and expect you to be shy.
How could you possibly disappoint their expectation and start developing a new you?

So the Ascendent has a lot to do with limiting beliefs that are caused by labels.

But change is important and inevitable and we have to learn to break free from this box, that is described through our Ascendent sign.

Contrary to the Ascendent, the role that we gradually outgrow, the Midheaven describes traits that will become more and more important to us throughout our lifetime.

So, a good way to not be defined by our Ascendent role anymore, is working on developing more traits that are connected with our Midheaven sign.

Remember, the Ascendent is the sign on your first house cusp and your (maybe incorrect) role.
The Midheaven is the sign on your tenth house cusp and describes the traits that will become more and more important in your personal development.

To give you an idea of what your role might currently be and which traits you should work on developing in your personality instead, here are the archetypes commonly connected with each Zodiac Sign.

Aries Warrior, Pioneer, Daredevil, and/or Survivor 
Taurus Builder, Earth Spirit, Musician, and/or Conservationist 
Gemini Teacher, Storyteller, Writer, and/or Jack/Jill-of-all-trades 
Cancer Mother, Nurturer, Psychic, and/or Empress 
Leo Performer, King/Queen, Comedian, and/or Child 
Virgo Analyst, Perfectionist, Servant, and/or Efficiency Expert 
Libra Diplomat, Peacemaker, Lover, and/or Artist 
Scorpio Detective, Sorcerer, Alchemist, and/or Avenger. 
Sagittarius Student, Philosopher, Gypsy, and/or Visionary 
Capricorn Hermit, Emperor, Strategist and/or Achiever 
Aquarius Revolutionary, Nonconformist, Truth Sayer and/or Genius 
Pisces High-Priest/Priestess, Mystic, Poet and/or Martyr 

(taken from http://www.astroresources.com/bigthree.htm)

People don't change. They just become more of who they really are.

Good Luck!


  1. I'm a Leo, so I am a Performer, King/Queen, Comedian, and/or Child
    . I didn't know anything about of this! This is great info :D

    -Adele { wild ♡ sunsets }

  2. So, my midheaven is in libra. I guess I should focus more on becoming an artist/lover/diplomat/peacemaker? Interesting... those are the areas I have the most struggles with.