24 January 2014

Gemini Mothers

Gemini is the most youthful sign, it's the teenager of the zodiac.
They're mostly concerned with what's "cool" and "trendy" and they're all about current fashion and entertainment and celebrity news.
And this usually doesn't change in adultdood.
That's why gemini moms are the ones who want to be cool and relatable and they think they stay young because they feel young.

My aunt is a Gemini and literally everytime she visits us she's like
"We totally have to go shopping together!"
"What do you think about this new shirt I got? That's what young people wear, right?"
"Are you going partying this weekend?"
"I really need to lose weight"
"Let's gossip, ladies!"

More "Cool Gemini Mums":
Angelina Jolie, Katie Price, Heidi Klum

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