07 January 2014

If they could change their Signs, what Sign would People want to be?

For one month, there was a poll on my blog asking people which Sign they would like to be if they could change it.

Most people would like to be a Scorpio, closely followed by Aquarius.

Not a single person in the poll wanted to be a Virgo and only one person wanted to be a Cancer.

Overall, Earth is by far the least popular Element whereas the others are pretty close together.

Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, the mutable Signs, are all quite popular as well.
Maybe because they are neither of the extremes, fixed or cardinal.


  1. but virgo is mutable too

    1. Yes it is!
      But it's the only unpopular mutable Sign in this Poll for some reason?

  2. Yes! I can understand why most people want to be a Scorpio, I do. I'm a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp but I seem to have all the annoying parts of both signs. :(

  3. Nobody wants to be a Virgo because nobody(barely even Virgos) can handle all the shit that goes on in our heads.

  4. Nobody wants to be a Virgo because even Virgos get driven crazy trying everything to be perfect.

  5. As a Virgo, I can understand why people wouldn't want to be one. The over-analyzing and perfectionism makes for many sleepless nights. But, I LOVE being a Virgo. Out of all my friends, I'm the most observant and my friends have told me I give really good advice. I'm willing to bet that my good advice, comes from my constant over-analyzing mind.

  6. I Chose This: a Lifetime, and ago.
    Purification in Solitude; Light in the Darkness.

    This is the Lesson we are taught while we Teach.
    The Divine-Self and Divine-Other.

  7. I'm a Scorpio but I'd prefer to be Aquarius or Gemini

  8. Ha! I'm a Aqua Sun and Asc with a Scorpio Moon.... it can be a complicated road but I wouldn't change it for anything.

  9. I'd never change my Sun but my MARS SIGN yeah I'd trade it for literally anything. It's Virgo in Retrograde and it ruins me. It has me overthinking, seeks perfectionism, worry worry worry but the retrograde makes me back down from anything that ticks me off (and I'm ticked off about a lot of things, yet it sometimes makes me not even realise I'm angry about something) or even remotely bothers me. It has so many negative aspects to my other signs that it just turns me into a huge mess that destroys itself from the inside, I hate it.

  10. Nobody wants to be Capricorn because we often get ignored or overlooked or really no one thinks being boring is cool. I'm actually quite content with it though. I like being a Capricorn because I can watch the rest of the signs go crazy from the sidelines.

  11. I'm a libra & I'd love to be a Saggitarius. I admire them for who they are, I love who they are, I love their individuality. Libras love all things beautiful, we see beauty everywhere and in anything. And let me tell you, Saggitarius are very beautiful.

  12. i'm pretty gosh darn proud of my sign ( Gemini) though. Never even thought about being anything else but if I had to, I'll probably go with Sagi. Never in a million year would I wanna be a cap.