29 January 2014

Venus in Capricorn / Capricorn in Love

Venus is the planet of love, affection, pleasure. It rules all things nice, feminine, enjoyable, romantic.
Capricorn, however, is the mature, serious sign that is very aware of earthly restrictions and "harsh reality", yet still works hard to achieve as much as possible to be considered respectable and worthy.
Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, can be depicted as an old, wise veteran.
"The things I have seen in my life... this world ain't pretty, I'm telling you this, but if you work hard, you will make your place in this world and earn your respect."
How does this combine? What does it mean when the life-loving planet Venus falls into the sign of Capricorn in someone's natal chart?

Capricorn is represented by the goat. The animal that climbs mountains.
For them, love is a serious task, something they work on, they take it seriously.
For them, the pleasure that comes with it might not always be the center point - it is rather the effort and commitment.
People with Venus in Capricorn believe that you have to work and suffer for beauty and love.
They believe its the price you get for climbing a mountain of hard work.

Just like the goat - you climb a mountain and love and beauty will be a reward for it.
Not so much a pleasure that you get for doing nothing.
Very realistic and practical in love, they may sometimes act like love is a business contract between two people,  where everyone gives the things expected from them to get back what they have earned.
However negative this may sound, it's also refreshing how they aren't naive romantics and quickly disillusioned, pulling of the rose-tinted glassed to see the reality of their love relationships as well as friendships.

They are real and loyal, they will make an effort to be a good friend or lover and be very reliable.
Capricorn Venus folks aren't very good at expressing their affection passionately, though. They prefer to do it through actions, commitment and reliability.

To people with Venus in Capricorn, going a long way like metaphorically climbing a mountain for you might be easier than just saying "You mean a lot to me, I truly love you, my friend" and hugging you. It's a bit awkward for them.

As for beauty, another topic related to Venus, the proverb "Beauty knows no pain" could have easily been coined by someone with their natal Venus in Capricorn.

Putting work and effort into relationships, it's the same with beauty.
They want to look clean and polished, classic and in style but never overdone.
They are the ones who will pick themselves up and go through extreme makeover, like losing a lot of weight or turning from plain Jane to an absolute beauty.

Venus in Capricorn folks definetly go through big transformations regarding their looks and they will go to great lengths to reach their ideal of beauty.

A good example of a Venus in Capricorn celebrity is Miley Cyrus.
Not just her extreme image transformation and hair & style change, but also her strict commitment to working out and dieting!

What Venus in Capricorns have to realize is that beauty can come naturally and effortlessly and that love can be unconditional :-)



  1. I am deeply infatuated with a Venus in Cap / Mars in Taurus guy.

  2. That's cool. I'm Venus in Cap/ Mars in Taurus..not a guy though!

  3. That's cool. I'm Venus in Cap/ Mars in Taurus..not a guy though!

  4. Me too. I'm going crazy as he has asked me for space to sort things out with his ex.


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