06 February 2014

Aries Zodiac Sign Personality

March 21 - April 20
The Fighter

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

Season: The blossoming of spring

Archetype: The warrior

Shadow: The destroyer

Strength: Spontaneity, enthusiasm

Motto: I want!

Goal: Having it their way, conquering

Life purpose: Attack, fight and self enforcement

Traits: quick, impulsive, uncomplicated, dynamic, reckless, impatient, unthoughtful, primitve, pioneering, open-minded, independent, arbitrary, egoistic, irresponsible, optimistic, adventurous, courageous, fearless, confident

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1 comment:

  1. I thought the motto for Aries is "I am."

    Love the blog! It's beautiful and interesting!


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