07 February 2014

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Personality

December 22 - January 20
The Patriarch

Symbol: The seagoat

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Season: Cold and harsh winter

Archetype: The veteran

Shadow: The grump

Strength: Sense of responsibility

Weakness: The joyless worker

Motto: I achieve!

Goal: To complete the work

Life purpose: To represent law and order

Traits: responsible, eager, industrious, reliable, sober, realistic, consequent, joyless, pressured, competitive, precise, practical, concentrated, thick-headed, reasonable, serious, hesitant, reliable, dutiful, cautious, reserved, closed up, cold, depressed, ambitious, loyal, wise


  1. Hi I was born on 22nd of Dec and I can't decide whether my zodiac sign is Capricorn or Sagittarius cause I found from other sources that my zodiac sign is Sagittarius but others states that it's Capricorn is that common? btw I love your site so much xx

    1. It depends on the exact time of your birth!! If you calculate your chart with a birth chart caluclator, using your year, place and exact time of birth it should tell you whether you're a capricorn or a sagittarius :-)
      Thanks!! xx


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