12 February 2014

Gemini Ascendent

The News Anchor

to constantly find out about new things and share them

I know about everything!

Tell me something I don't know. No, seriously, I want to know about everything I don't know about already.

intellectual, knows a bit about everything, always informed, always on the go and searching for new things to learn and experience, curious, versatile, sociable and outgoing, adaptable, communicative, eloquent

shallow knowledge, nosy, nervous and impatient, scattered mind, unconcentrated, constant need to talk, fickle, cynical and cunning

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pamela Anderson, Sandra Bullock, Amy Winheouse, Kristen Stewart, Mick Jagger, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Ashton Kutcher, Drew Barrymore, Charlie Sheen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConnaughey, Tim Burton, Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, Morgan Freeman

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