07 February 2014

Pisces Zodiac Sign Personality

February 20 - March 20
The Medium

Symbol: The Fishes

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune, Jupiter

Season: Sacrificing the seeds to the earth

Archetype: The seer

Shadow: The addicted

Strength: Empathy, intuitive knowing

Weakness: Escaping into addictions, because of high emotional sensitivity

Motto: I sense!

Goal: Oneness, Nirwana

Life purpose: Being a living example of divinie love on earth

Traits: sensitive, instinctive, passive, sacrificing, selfless, escapist, contradictory, seducable, chameleon-like, intuitive, phantastic, insightful, subjective, blurry, ready to make sacrifices, empathatic, understanding, longing, easily hurt and depressed

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