05 February 2014

Venus in Aquarius / Aquarius in Love

Venus is the planet in your birth chart that expresses your sense of beauty, your way of relating to others and showing affection.
Aquarius is the Waterbearer.
Often mistaken as a water sign, it is actually ruled by the element air.

Air is a flowy, free element and is associated with communication, because spoken words are created in the vocal chords with air. If you can't breathe, you can't speak.
Air is the logical and observative element.
It works with the rational mind and is reserved and aloof like a scientist.

This is a great part of what makes up the Sign of Aquarius.
Aquarius bears the water, what people need to live. You won't survive very long without any supply of water.
That's why Aquarius is known as the Humanitarian.
They have a strong sense of community, freedom and equality.
They hate hierachies and their rebellion against what they perceive as injustice can often lead to a god complex, making them feel like they illuminate the world.
There's nothing wrong with that, though.
This sense of rebellion and purpose of humanitarian illumination is their duty, being the Waterbearer.

In understanding how Aquarius supports individual freedom, you could imagine how a Venus in Aquarius person expresses love.

They hate being tied up to one person too much and too intensely. Aquarius is the Sign that is supposed to give to all of humanity, after all!
Venus in Aquarius people won't always be unfaithful folks who change partners like underwear, but they definetly need some personal freedom in relationships!

They don't like the word "us" when talking about their partner and them, they refer "you and me", because they strongly believe in remaining individuals and having space to breathe - they're an air element after all.

People with Venus in Aquarius much prefer “no strings attached” relationships that feel more like a friendship.
They dont like passionately expressing their intense love - it makes them a bit awkward.

Also, despising hierachies, these people treat everyone equally, they want to be friends with everyone.
Their affection is rather "casual", you could say, because they don't focuse it on a small circle of loved ones.
Venus, the planet of love, in Aquarius, the Sign of humanitarian efforts, stands for a sort of affection everyone can be a part of.
They joke around with their boss the same way they do with their friends or their lover. They dont differentiate their expression of love and friendship. They show it to everyone equally.

For lovers of Venus in Aquarius people this might be a bit frustrating, considering, that they might appear like they take relationships very lightly and commit themselves to friends as much (or even more) than their partner.

Believing in individualism and personal freedom, Venus in Aquarius folks are very understanding and supportive of everyone, no matter how weird or difficult they might be.
They believe that everyone should be free to do what they want, as long as it does not hurt anyone.

A good example for a Venus in Aquarius celebrity, in my opinion, is Yoko Ono.
Supporting world peace and creating avant-garde art - this is also a big Venus in Aquarius thing, considering that Venus stands for your perception of beauty and art.
Venus in Aquarius can be connected to all sorts of modern, absurd, abstract and avant-garde art.



  1. Every Venus in Aquarius dude I get a crush on turns out to be gay :'^(

  2. I'm a Venus in Aquarius female & I really do believe in treating all my loved ones equally. I'm not a big fan of favoring a romantic partner over my friends because it wouldn't be fair to my friends & I don't want their feelings hurt. They're both equally important to me.


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