29 March 2014

5th House - 11th House in Astrology - Create and Share

I once read a quote along the lines of "as long as there's no one to read it, your novel is but a collection of words."

This describes the 5th / 11th house axis in the astrological chart perfectly.

Knowledge, wisdom, creations and self-expressions are only complete if they are shared.

The 5th house stands for any form of self expression and for fun and enjoying life.
Especially theater/acting and children are connected with this house.
It's the house of pleasure. Any form of art - drawing, music, writing, dancing, ... is associated with the 5th house.
It's playful, celebratory and all about games and amusement and creations.
It describes your passions, the things that bring you joy.

The 11th house is about socialising and sharing.
It's the world-out-there, it's clubs, groups, organizations, fraternities and sororities.
It's your aspirations in the world and for the community.
The 11th house describes your place in society.

The 5th house/11th house axis in astrology therefore is the sharing of creations with the world.

If poetry is the 5th house, a poetry slam is the 11th house.
If reading is the 5th house, sharing knowledge and recommending books is the 11th house.
If taking photos is the 5th house, sharing it via social networks is the 11th house.

The astrological wheel with it's 12 houses is a perfect circle, it's stands for a harmony between all energies and forces, and like with any other house axis, you have to find a balance between th 5th and the opposing 11th house.

Have fun expressing yourself creatively, but don't just do it for yourself, share your creations and your wisdom with the world.

Go out there and socialize and meet people and get engaged but don't forget to withdraw and do something for yourself and express the things you learned creatively.


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