08 March 2014

Aries Girls

Emma Watson, Aries Girl
Aries are natural pioneers and leaders, since they are at the beginning of the zodiac wheel.
Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac and their season begins with the beginning of spring (March 21st), the start of a new annual cycle through the signs and seasons.
They have the power needed to start this whole process.
They are brave and put actions before words. They'll take the jump without thinking about it.
They're straight-forward and never afraid to put themselves out there.
Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, passion and egotism, which also makes Aries girls have some bad traits.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Arians also want to be first in every other part of their lives.
And if they don't get it their way, they'll be pouty and mad like a little child. They're the youngest, after all.
They are pretty much the little excited puppy in the zodiac, excited and fascinated by everything, loving life and fun and adventure and playful fights.
They run after things and people that seem interesting with a metaphorical waggling tail.
They might be a bit immature and simple-minded but also very inspiring and fascinating;
just like people say that you can learn a lot from a child, you can learn a lot from an Aries.
They are thirsty for life, eager to get ahead and very uncomplicated in their ways of doing that.

Even though they might have the reputation of the warrior and angry masculine fighter, Arians cool down just as quickly as they heat up, they are forgiving and will never fight someone who is already on the ground.
Their confidence and leadership abilities might seem intimidating, but they're just genuinely good and childlikely innocent people.

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