14 April 2014

12th House Planets - Prisons of our Minds

The 12th house rules and is associated with
  • jails, hospitals, asylums
  • self-destruction, self-undoing, self-injury
  • hidden strengths, weaknesses, hidden enemies
  • spirituality, selfless service to humanity, self-sacrifice
  • dreams, drugs, subconscious, unconscious

Planets that are located in the 12th house in your natal chart therefore become a part of you that is hidden, watching rather than participating.

These qualities and aspects of yourself are abandoned into your unconscious, into a mental jail or asylum.
They spend a lot of time "behind bars", not being allowed to come out and shine.

It's very important to understand that this is most probably something we do unto ourselves. It is a form of self-undoing, self-destruction.
The 12th house is the house of hidden enemies, but most of the time this hidden enemy is just a part of our subconscious, it is a hidden part of ourselves.

This enemy within us that keeps saying "don't let this part of yourself out, keep it hidden", is projected unto others, we think others dont't want us or don't allow us to express the qualities that are associated with the 12th house planets.

We are very sensitive about these qualities, so we try to keep them safe, lock them away, rather than letting them grow and get stronger through practice and experience, even though they have lots of (spiritual) potential.

The 12th house is an introverted house.
Planets in this house use their energy inwardly and in a reflective kind of way instead of being expressive and out-there.
People with a stellium and/or the sun in their 12th house will need a lot of alone time, time to reflect and be in their inner world.

We feel uncormfortable and have a sort of inferiority complex about planets in the 12th house.
This is because the 12th house stands for spirituality, oneness, eternity, inter-connectedness, so we only want to let the parts of ourselves that are represented by the 12th house planets out as soon as they have reached this ideal.
However, we have to understand that, even though we have a sense of things higher than anything mortal with these planets, we ourselves are just human beings.

We don't have to give up these parts of ourselves for some greater good, abandon them out of selflessness or hope for them to develop in the dark.
We have to let them out, free them and let them be and express themselves externally rather than merely internally.
Stop feeling guilty or inferior about these parts of yourself, don't cover them up for others.

Give up the belief that this part of yourself is not good enough or that is is egoistic of you to express it freely and proudly.

I have found that any problems that are indicated in the natal chart just disappear when you understand them and become aware of them enough.
Problems are created in the mind, in the subconscious… once they are illuminated, they vanish.
When you switch the light on, the darkness disappears.
Thats why i feel that astrology and its resulting self-awareness and -understanding are such a powerful tool...


  1. thanks for this - it's such a help to me (Uranus in 12th, Pluto Asc) ^_^

  2. I have a stellium in 12th house with sun, saturn, mercury, neptune and uranus there opposite moon in the 6th house in gemini. I can so relate to this. Thank you.

  3. Most of my planets are in the 12th, and then 11th and 1st. This is a great article, love the formatting.


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