23 April 2014

How to guess someone's Zodiac Sign

People were asking how to tell what zodiac sign someone is and i thought the best way to explain it is through a flow chart that shows the division of the signs into polarity, elements and modes but im not good with graphic programmes so i did this old school style.

When guessing someone's "zodiac sign", make sure to remember that the sun's position is only one part of what makes up a person.
It only describes the way people take action and express themselves.

1. Positive and negative Polarity

Although the polarites are called "positive" and "negative", or "male" and "female", it has nothing to do with a person being good or bad or their sex.
The polarities are energies that create a whole - think of it as Yin and Yang.
  • The negative Yin energy directs energy inwards and is receptive.
  • The positive Yang energy directs its energy outwards and is assertive.
Ask yourself: Is this person someone who puts themselves out there, who seems to have a certain direction with what they do (Yang) or are their actions rather all over the place (Yin).

Do they do what they do witth a goal (Yang) or just for the sake of doing it (Yin).

2. The Quatriplicites - Elements

The Yin energy is divided into the elements Water and Earth.
  • Water is the emotional element, these people act on feelings and moods.
  • Earth is the practical element, these people act according to what is most sound and safe.

The Yang energy is divided into the elements Air and Fire.
  • Air is the social element, these people act on what makes their intellect grow and what makes them pick up new information.
  • Fire is the idealistic element, these people act on what's compatible with their ideals and ambitions and what excites them.

3. The Triplicities - Modes

The elements can be directed in a cardinal, fixed or mutable way.
  • Cardinal energy is direct, action-oriented, progress-oriented and welcomes change.
  • Fixed energy is stable, oriented towards preservation, security, keeping up habits and what is already known.
  • Mutable energy is distributable, oriented towards learning and new experiences, is adaptable and welcomes variety.

4. The Sign

  • Cardinal: Aries
  • Fixed: Leo
  • Mutable: Sagittarius
  • Cardinal: Libra
  • Fixed: Aquarius
  • Mutable: Gemini
  • Cardinal: Capricorn
  • Fixed: Taurus
  • Mutable: Virgo
  • Cardinal: Cancer
  • Fixed: Scorpio
  • Mutable: Pisces

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  1. Thank you. This has proven to be very helpful indeed. Can you try and guess my sign?


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