17 April 2014

My Personal Opinion of Leos

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A good way to understand a sign is to look at it's planetary ruler and the season it is associated with.
Leo-season is in July and August, the peak of summer and it is ruled by the sun.

Just like the time of ripe fruits and long, sunny days, Leos love life and love living.
Their motto is "Live, love, laugh" and they try to do so as much and fully as possible.

Not only does the sun stand for happiness, optimism and liveliness, it's also the center of the solar system.
The whole solar system was named after the sun in it's center.
That's why there's this negetaive stereotype of Leos that they always need to be the center of attention.

Which is not untrue.
In their minds, because they are ruled by the sun, literally the whole world is spinning around them.
They are the center that everything revolves around.

In a way, there's something good about this though.
They feel the responsibility to legitimate them being the center.
They want to use this position not only egoistically but also to spread their "sunshine".
Their purpose is to spread their joy and energy.

Just like there couldn't be any life on this planet if it wasn't for the sun's light and warmth, there wouldn't be any happiness without the Leo's everywhere spreading it.

Leo rules over the heart in the body, so these people have big hearts of gold

In fact, Leo's are so optimistic, that they tend to deny anything less than perfect.
In their minds, the whole world is iluminated by sunshine and there's no room for shadows.
However, to be real, people must cast a shadow, which is hard for them to admit and understand.
They only want to see the good things in life; luxury, fun, entertainment, consumerism.
Everything must be over the top great, amazing and awesome.

Being the fixed fire sign, Leo's can be very stubborn and too proud to admit defeat.
The Leo archetype is the king and it is connected to both the element and the color gold.
They are regal, proud and have a strong sense of hierachies.
They need to feel on top and adored and stand out while still fitting in - be special without being the weirdo or outsider.

Of course, Leo is also symbolized by the Lion. The king of the anima kingdoml; just like Leo is the king of the zodiac.
They are loyal, generous, warm, loving and confident.
On the down-side, they can also be bossy, attention-seeking, naive and shallow.

Ruling the 5th house in the zodiac of theatre, creativity and children, Leos are adorably childlike and playful but can also be melodramatic Dramaqueens and Divas.
To them, life's a stage. And a catwalk. Or a lionwalk.
Leos are theatrical, blow everything out of proportion and don't settle with anything less than as big and bright as the sun itself and as loud as a lion's roar.

They have a strong sense of being important, deserving love and attention, which very many people can learn from.
Best of all, Leo's love making others feel loved and confident.

Some Leo Celebrities whose dominant sign is also Leo:
Barack Obama, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lawrence

- Marina

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