22 May 2014

All 12 Moon Signs in Astrology - Attitude, Motivations, Personality Traits

Your Moon Sign describes how you carry yourself from day to day. It is your habitual, subconscious self.
It describes your motivations and emotional needs.

Aries Moon

Your main motivation is having it your way.
Aries is represented by the ram, the only specifically male animal in the zodiac.

Like the ram, you will butt heads with your "horns" to get what you want.
This can give you the reputation of being a bit of an egoist.
You heat up quickly in arguments, you often start them just for the excitement, but you cool down just as quickly and people close to you know that even though you might seem intimidating, you're actually harmless.

Furthermore, aries is the first sign in the zodiac, so you, too, will always want to be first.
You don't think a lot or complicate things, you are a very simple and spontaneous person, quick to act, jumping into experiences head first.
You love to win an conquer, being ruled by the planet Mars.
Deep down, you feel you are the hero and the warrior.

You might be a bit of an egoist and irresponsibly spontaneous but you are also extremely chivalrous and stand up for others who don't have the strength and confidence that you do.

Taurus Moon

Your main motivation is making yourself comfortable and being secure.
You are very down-to-earth and love enjoying the simple things in life.

All you really want is a cozy home, good food and good company.
You don't require much other than having a simple and safe life with sensory pleasures.
This makes you peaceful, stable and calm and a very nice person to be around.

You're a charmer, a loyal friend and a very grounded person.
However, you can tend to be lazy, stubborn and over-indulgent.
That's what happens when you are overly focused on having a safe and pleasureful life; you desperately hold on to the things that give you a feeling of safety and stability and you will surround yourself with as many nice smells, tastes and feelings as possible.
Whatever it is, you just want to feel comfortable!

So, even though you can be a bit fixed and sluggish, the moon is exalted in taurus, meaning that its energy is the strongest there.
The moon is the planet of nurturing and mothering and you can do these things like no one else for both yourself and others.

Gemini Moon

Jennifer Lawrence has a Moon in Gemini
Your main motivation is being constantly entertained and informed.
You always need some sort of stimulation around you since you get bored easily.

Your mind is really quick and always active, so it needs constant entertainment.
Even though multi-tasking is a myth, you're probably the one who could master it.
Gemini is the sign of the twins so you can absorb the information of two.
You are always looking to pick up new knowledge, be informed about what's going on and can never sit still.
Constantly nervous and fidgety, you are very exciting to be around.
You're clever, extroverted and communicative.

However, since you are a thinking rather than a feeling person and your world moves in the speed of light, you can seem a bit cold and above everything.
You're not very emotional and your restless nature can make you seem detached and unstable.
With your mind, that is a lot more active and faster than everyone else's, you can be cynical and a know-it-all.
You have an easygoing and playful nature and never mean to actually be mean though.

Cancer Moon

Taylor Swift has a Moon in Cancer
Your main motivation is emotional bonding.
The moon is in its home in cancer, since it rules over this sign.
This means that people with a Cancer Moon are highly connected to their emotional world.
These people are easily influenced by their mood swings and can be very sensitive.

Being in touch with their inner world, they also have a childlike imagination and are young at heart.
On the other hand, this can show as them being dependent, clingy, sulky and unable to grow up.
These people can be rather shy and need protection and closeness with others.

Cancer Moon people are highly romantic and naive. They themselves are very tender, caring and good-hearted and they expect the same in others.
They are loving and motherly and will take care of all their close ones. They have an especially strong sense of family.
They want to be both the child and the mother, being taken care of and taking care of others.
Finding an emotional connection with others and being close and open-hearted with those people is the main motivation of a Cancer Moon.

Leo Moon

Louis Tomlinson has a Moon in Leo
Your main motivation is enjoying yourself and being adored.
Leo is the lion, ruled by the sun and the season of summer.
These people are very sunny, happy, optimistic and in love with living.
All they really want is to have fun and spread their joy. They want to generously give and receive love.

Life is a party to a Leo Moon and as long as they are being recognized and appreciated for how great and radiant a person they are, they are always in a good mood.
However, since they are really proud and self-centered as well, they will demand attention and recognition.
They can be very demanding and can't take criticism or rejection very well.
They will easily turn into a dramaqueen. Leo Moons can be really theatrical.

Live life fully is their motto, so if theyre going to be mad, they will be really mad and make sure everyone notices.
But their happy, generous, loving and playful side will be expressed just as dramatically.
With the Moon in the sign of the sun, all the emotions are illuminated, the dark side of the moon fades and everything is expressed fully and passionately.

Virgo Moon

Natalie Portman has a moon in virgo

Your main motivation is playing things safe and being sound and practical.
You're reserved, modest and reasonable and never want to be over-the-top.
Your strengths are your reliability and willingness to help and get things done.
People can really count on you. Even in tricky situation, you stay calm and take sound,calculated action.

You're smart and analystical and always try to do the things that "make sense".
This can also make you a perfectionist and a control freak.
You're almost scared of chaos, strong emotions and spontaneity because you always want to be in control and do everything pragmatically and neatly.

Since these things are so important to you, you can be a quite cold and intolerant person.
You're very critical - of both yourself and others.
You're reliable and collected, industrious and reasonable, but you have to learn to let go sometimes.

Libra Moon

Emma Stone has a Moon in Libra
Your main motivation is creating harmony and balancing out conflicts.
You're a very charming, polite and sociable person. You love being in good company and sharing ideas in conversations.
You're a diplomat that can see every side of an argument and is therefore both ready to compromise but also very indecisive.
You believe in the balance of opinions and decisions and tend to be a bit unassertive and have weak opinions.

Libra Moons are oriented towards others and are very adaptable.
They try to never be egoistic or dismiss anyone else's wants, which can even come off as flirty to others.
Since you try to diplomatically create a balance between all interests, your emotions can be quite shallow.
You might even tend to hold emotions back for the sake of keeping up the harmony.

You're in love with romance, relationships, arts and aesthetics. All the beautiful parts of life.
You too, want to be one of those beautiful parts of life and seek adoration or even fish for compliments sometimes.
Obviously, you will return the compliment. It's all about the balance.

Scorpio Moon

Beyonce has a Moon in Scorpio
Your main motivation is finding out the truth and finding emotional security.
You will not find comfort until you know you can 100% trust something or someone.
You can even be a bit paranoid, because you always need to be sure that you can trust others.
You yourself keep up the control over your own secrets by being quite secretive.
If others don't know you, they won't be able to hurt you as easily. A Scorpio Moon is always very guarded.

This also gives you a flair of mystery, which is really magnetic.
You're intense, deep, and passionate, because as soon as you do trust someone or something, you will give it your all. Then you will get possessive, obsessive and jealous.
Scorpio is intense like no other sign and all about the extremes.

Your mind is intuitive and deep and your powerfulness is highly fascinating to others.
You are a person of extremes as a result of you desperately trying to control.
When a Scorpio Moon likes or dislikes something, agrees or disagrees with something, they do so whole-heartedly.

Sagittarius Moon

Emma Watson has a Moon in Sagittarius
Your main motivation is collecting new experiences and going on adventures.
You're a free-spirited person with high dreams and high ideals.
You always want to be where the grass is greener, you're always chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow and love travelling and foreign cultures.
Being an open-minded and good person, you're naturally popular. You probably also have a lot of stories to tell with your adventurous spirit.

Wise and well-traveled, always exploring new fields of knowledge, you have a sort of guru-mentality.
You do always want to help others but you're also really convinced of your general life experience and can be a bit of a know-it-all. You're self-righteous and can't take criticism well.
A Sagittarius Moon person weaknesses are their arrogance and inability to stay grounded. They are always looking for the next big thing to explore but never bother with details or even ignore conflicts and feelings.

A Sagittarius Moon is a lover of freedom and adventure but can sometimes be unable to cope with the more pragmatic and emotional parts of life.

Capricorn Moon

Ryan Gosling has a Moon in Capricorn
Your main motivation is working hard to achieve tangible results.
You truly believe that the climb is worth the view.
Being mature and dutiful, you can seem older than you actually are. You take life seriously and are therefore a very reliable person. However, it can also turn you into a pessimist.

Hardworking and independent, you will achieve a lot but tend to ignore the more pleasant things in life.
You might be very harsh on yourself, not allowing yourself to take a rest from work or never being content with your results.
You naturally take responsibility for everything and your workaholic-mentality keeps you from pursuing other desires.

Even though you are a highly motivated, mature and reliable person, you have to learn to let your inner child let out and play and stop being so serious and pessimistic.

Aquarius Moon

Ashton Kutcher has a Moon in Aquarius
Your main motivation is being free of restrictions and standing in for the greater good.
You are a natural rebel with a sense of social justice and freedom.
Broad-minded and clever, you're a great conversationalist and love to explore all fields of knowledge.
You hate being pinned down or pigeon-holed and your personal freedom is of high importance to you.
You usually dont have a lot of deep connections with people, because you are always on the go, trying to keep your freedom.
You aren't very emotional, either. You prefer handling conflicts with your mind rather than your heart.

With your great ideals, broad knowledge and sense of rebellion, you can find it hard to adapt and therefore will always stand out in a crowd.
Even though you are a bit of a loner or an outcast sometimes, your witty nature makes meeting new people easy and you have a great sense of companionship - You despise authorities and hierachies and prefer meeting everyone eye to eye.

Being a person with a great sense of freedom and rebellion, you aren't very realiable or emotionally accessible, but you stand in for the rights of people and have honorable ideals.

Pisces Moon

Vanessa Hudgens has a Moon in Pisces
Your main motivation is sacrificing yourself for your dreams and visions.
You don't have a big ego, which, at it's best, can make you into a really spiritual and loving person.
However, when people take charge of it too much, you might turn into the eternal victim, whose will to sacrifice themselves for others is constantly abused.
You have a thin skin, take moods surrounding you in easily. This makes you a person that highly depends on the people surrounding them - if you spend time in good surroundings, you will be able to mirror this ten-fold.
Sadly, you will also take in all the bad surrounding you.
Pisces Moons are highly impressionable.

You are empathatic, dreamy and intuitive like no one else because the people surrounding you influence you directly - you feel what they feel.
That's why it is important to you who and what you surround yourself with.
Absorbing and mirroring your surroundings can make you highly visionary, creative and understanding.
For many people with a strong Pisces influence, however, this thin skin that takes everything in will turn them into an escapist. They can't handle it and will find relief in addictions.
They take in all the pain surrounding them, so they're easily seducable - to addictions of drinking, partying, shopping or even drugs. Just to numb the intense emotions inside them.

- Marina

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