15 May 2014

MOON ☽ in Astrology

  • Stays in one Zodiac Sign for about 2 days
  • Orbits the whole Zodiac within a month

Ruler: Cancer
Detriment: Capricorn
Exaltation: Taurus
Fall: Scorpio

Unconscious, Habits, Reflection, Emotional World, Sensitivity, Receptivity, Nurturing, Moods, Instincts, Feelings, Whims

Archetype: The Great Mother

Moon through the Signs and Houses
The moon stands for habits and nurturing, it is who we are when we're comfortable or feel at home.
We express our moon personality around people we're close with.
That's why, in a lot of schools of astrology, the moon sign is considered more important in one's personality than your Sun Sign - it's not a facade, it is your innermost, intimate self.
Your emotional and feeling world, your habitual reactions and moods.

The Sign of the Moon expresses who we are at the core, what our main motivations are.
It describes what we want and need in order to feel comfortable and loved.
The Moon Sign also shows someone's way of carrying themselves and their basic attitude towards life.

The House of the Moon shows where, in which life area, we naturally feel nurtured, where we retreat to to refill our energy and to regain emotional balance.
We naturally feel drawn to and intrigued by these life areas and they have a big influence on our moods and make us emotionally vulnerable.

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