14 May 2014

SATURN ♄ in Astrology

  • Stays in one Zodiac sign for about 2 years
  • Orbits through the whole Zodiac within about 29 years
Ruler: Capricorn and Aquarius
Detriment: Cancer and Leo
Exaltation: Libra
Fall: Aries

Discipline, Responsibility, Limitations, Physical Realm, Scientific Laws, Old Age, Authority, Status, Restrictions, Wisdom, Patience, Productivity, Conventionality, Tradition

Archetype: Chronos, the God of Time

Saturn through the Signs and Houses
Saturn expresses an urge for safety, security, self-reliability and approval from others.
It shows where and how we express our sense of maturity and realism and how and where we try to fit in the most.

The principle of Saturn is that of a strict parent trying to discipline you: "You better fit in, thats the safest way to go!"

Ironically, whichever house Saturn falls into represents our area of life where we feel especially insecure because theres always this part inside of us that judges us about how we're not doing good enough there. This then leads to us overcompensating in this part of our lives that is associated with the house Saturn is in.

The Sign Saturn is in shows our way and strategy of trying to gain respect and security and this part of life.

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