12 May 2014

Scorpio & Aquarius Sun / Moon Blends in Astrology

When trying to understand someone's personality through astrology, it might be a bit confusing which part of the horoscope influences them in which way.
The two building blocks of someone's personality in astrology are the sun and the moon and how they blend together.
People often struggle with the synthesis of the two and how the sun and moon sign can be connected to a complete interpretation.

This is what the luminaries stand for in psychological astrology;

Consciousness (the light inside of you), ego, self, identity, presentation, action

Unconsciousness, reflection (because the moon only "shines" through reflecting the sun's light), your mood and mood swings (like the tides of the ocean that are controlled by the moon), your habits

Your Moon is your underlying drive and motivation, your sun shows how you act this out, bring it out into the world.

Scorpio and Aquarius

This is a reeaaally powerful combination - either way!

Scorpio is the scorpion, they are deep and passionate and seek power through control and secrecy.

Aquarius is the waterbearer. They have inside them what the people need - a sense of rebellion, individualism, freedom and anarchy.

A Scorpio/Aquarius blend then makes a passionate rebel.

The difference between a Scorpio Sun/Aquarius Moon and an Aquarius Sun/Scorpio Moon is the following:

Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon
The main motivation, the moon, is Aquarius - rebellion, individualism.
The way this is acted out is passionate and secretive.
A Scorpio Sun / Aquarius Moon person is passionately rebellious.
Their drive to rebel and be an individual is pursued with intense passion and control.

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon
The main motivation, the moon, is in Scorpio - power, control.
The way this is acted out is rebelliously and individualistic.
An Aquarius Sun/Scorpio Moon person is individualistically passionate.
Their need to have power and be in control makes them stand out, be an individual.

Voltaire - Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon
Voltaire was a philsopher of the French Enlightenment who fought for the freedom of expression and religion.
His main motivation of freedom and rebellion (Aquarius Moon) was acted out passionately and with a need of being able to control (Scorpio) - he wrote more than 20000 letters and 2000 books and pamphlets! Obsessed with his vision of freedom, you could say.

Seduction is a big part of Scorpio - although it is often connected to sex, it is a lot more than that and it mainly expresses power, the main Scorpio theme.
You could say that a Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Moon person can seduce other people into giving them the freedom they desire.
They are in control over their own personal freedom because they know exactly how to get it.

Charles Manson - Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon

Charles Manson was the head of the Manson Family, a hippie commune, and he was found guilty of a conspiracy to commiting murders to seven people.

He later became an icon of macabre and insanity.
The free-spirited, hippie nature (Aquarius) was excessive, extreme and compulsive (Scorpio).

Bob Marley - Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon

Bob Marley was an iconic jamaican raggae artist and follower of the Rastafari movement.

He was very spiritual and believed freedom (Aquarius) was worth fighting for and that we should be in control of it (Scorpio).

"None but ourselves can free our minds" - the individual freedom that is Aquarius is taken control of and is being used as an empowerment (Scorpio).

Let's end this post with a quote from Lauren Conrad, another Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon person!

In a radio interview, she was asked what her favourite position was.
Her answer was; "CEO".

You tell em, girl. What a feminist.
Combining the wish to haver power and control (Scorpio) and being rebellious (Aquarius) by ignoring the sexual undertone.
Individualistically powerful, the theme of Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon is expressed here; these people want to have power and be in control (have the spot of a CEO) and reach this by breaking rules, being a rebel - wether it be through feminism or any other movement that is suppossed to free and empower you!



  1. Wow.

    Scorpio Sun
    Aquarius Moon

    1. Not sure what this means but thanks!

  2. I'm a aqua sun scorp moon dating a scorp sun aqua moon... its pretty awesome. We are constantly talking over how we can make personal progress and how to share it with others. We both want to change peoples lives... such a good team. A first I was hesitant because I thought we wouldn't get each other at all, but the aqua in us makes us level headed and our mutual weirdness super attractive to each other haha. aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd the sex is really good.......

    1. opposing sun and moon is really good for compatibility!!!! :)

    2. This means we would fit perfectly Marina together since m scorpio sun ..Aquarius moon..but m 2 hot dont think u can handle it..haha

  3. I'm Scorpio sun & Aquarius moon and I grieve for change. About 95% of my relatives are such narrow-minded, racist, conservative and traditional.. And then there's me, black sheep of my family, the rebel one who has a thing for change, revolution, equality and peace between different cultures and religions. Also my relatives have a need to blend in, but I want to be my own unique individual, no matter how weirdly people look at me. I've never belonged anyway. I really want to see their face when I've done something important for my idealism and my people, cause I surely won't give up till this world is equal - I either die for my ideas or success. But anyway, I find your post really accurate and helpful, thank you for this post! (:

    1. I love this comment so much, thank you for sharing your personal experiences :)
      I really like how you portray all the great and admirable traits of this combination !!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Awesome post!
    I'm an aquarius sun, scorpio moon. And this is so true.
    My moon in the 1st house, I have a scorpio ascendant as well, with Aquarius in the 3rd house, my Sun conjunct my ascendant.

    One of my biggest thing is doing things and reaching my goals for myself, or doing it for the good o mankind. I have ideas for changing the way of film, theater, television. I believe and hope my Scorpio influences makes this an ambitious goal.

    1. My sun conjunct my saturn in Aquarius I mean.

  6. Nice explanation. I was unclear as to the difference between the two combinations, but can see it clearer now. My Aquarius moon sits in the 8th (Sun 5th), and I therefore don't always feel "detached" emotionally. But the Aquarian ideals of tolerance, equality, independence etc are very strong! Oppression of any description wells up some pretty intense reactions in me to the extent that I can get quite angry with narrow-minded people, which ironically renders me intolerant! Such conflicting, yet strong energies. But I guess the universe has entrusted us with the task of putting it to good use. Best wishes to my fellow Scorpio/Aquarius combos :)

  7. I have Sun in 11th House and Moon in 8th House. Through 20 years of life experience, life taught me to be friendly-and-detached, to keep everything more to thyself, to trust and rely on thyself, to control nobody but thyself-- which screams this position. I feel more comfortable expressing this qualities.

    When put on signs, I have Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon; achieving admiration through power-- which isn't successful for me. For a Scorpion, I talk(ed) about myself alot, try(ed) to control others to serve self, obsess(ed) with self and ignore(ed) others' needs. They later were used against me so these qualities aren't preferable.

    Really nice article. Short, but to the point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have been following your blog but didn't have time to comment, so probably I'll drop more comments on this lovely blog of yours!

  8. My moon in Scorpio sun in Aqua. House position moon in 9th and sun in 1st. I always get emotionally angry with a lot of hatred when my right to believe is questioned. I am very personal yet self convincing but am so guilty living without leading others to be free. I need a cause I can profoundly committed to. I've been having self loathing issue ever since I began work in the corporation. I want a lot of money. I desire it. But by this way I feel a deep huge part of me isnt completed.

  9. I'm sun Scorpio and moon Aquarius.... I'm always at an internal battle with myself! What signs can get along with me!?!? For gawds sakes Manson was the same sign as me!!! I'm a little bit freaked out here.

  10. Very nicely and clearly put. We aqua+scorps undergo a lot if pain in veing who we really are. But happy that i dont gave any regrets and set many on their right path. Its even more painful to watch people becoming someone who they really arent, even worse, becoming somebody they loathe, just to blend in. If people wud sail against tge wind and dont disguise, they would lift so many others along with them to a higher healthier state. My opinion....


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