15 May 2014

SUN ☉ in Astrology

  • Stays in one Zodiac Sign for about a month
  • Orbits the whole Zodiac within a year

Ruler: Leo
Detriment: Aquarius
Exaltation: Aries
Fall: Libra

Consciousness, Action, Vitality, Will, Expression, Self, Authority, Energy, Identity, Creativity, Assertion, Despotism, Dignity, Ego, Power, Personality

Archetype: Apollo, the God of Light

Sun through the Signs and Houses
The Sun is the light of consciousness and self-expression and its Sign expresses your basic and dominant way to act and assert yourself.
Your Sun Sign is your "Zodiac Sign" and makes up a big part of your personality.

The House the Sun falls in in your chart describes the life area that is most important to you and where you want to shine and stand out.

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