01 May 2014

Libra & Aquarius - Sun / Moon Blends in Astrology

When trying to understand someone's personality through astrology, it might be a bit confusing which part of the horoscope influences them in which way.
The two building blocks of someone's personality in astrology are the sun and the moon and how they blend together.
People often struggle with the synthesis of the two and how the sun and moon sign can be connected to a complete interpretation.

This is what the luminaries stand for in psychological astrology;

Consciousness (the light inside of you), ego, self, identity, presentation, action

Unconsciousness, reflection (because the moon only "shines" through reflecting the sun's light), your mood and mood swings (like the tides of the ocean that are controlled by the moon), your habits

Your Moon is your underlying drive and motivation, your sun shows how you act this out, bring it out into the world.

Libra and Aquarius

Libra is the scales, it wants to create balance, very literally. Always seeking harmony, they are great negotiators, peacemakers and artists. They always consider others first.

Aquarius is the waterbearer. They have inside them what the people need - a sense of rebellion, individualism, freedom and anarchy. They always consider their vision first.

A Libra/Aquarius blend then makes a peaceful rebel.

The difference between a Libra Sun/Aquarius Moon and an Aquarius Sun/Libra Moon is the following:

Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon
The main motivation, the moon, is Libra - peace, others.
The way this is acted out is rebellious and individualistic.
An Aquarius Sun/Libra Moon person is rebelliously nice.
Their way of rebelling is being extraordinarily peaceful and calm.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon
The main motivation, the moon, is in Aquarius - rebellion, vision.
The way this is acted out is kindly and negotiating.
A Libra Sun/Aquarius Moon person is nicely rebellious.
They want to fight for a cause, but in the kindest and least egoistic way possible.

Harry Styles - Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon

Harry is unusually nice to paparazzi, does not get aggressive when they mob him unrespectfully.
He does not say one bad word about anyone.
Not even Taylor Swift, who humiliated him at an award show by mocking him.
He then even complimented her on the performance.
In a non-sarcastic way.
Kill them with kindness, Harry.

He spends tons of money on charities without bragging about it in the media, much of it goes unnoticed or is randomly leaked, for example, through his friend Ed Sheeran, on a radio show.

This Aquarius/Libra blend is rebelliously nice, does not give in to the pressure of being "tough".

Chris Kendall - Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon
The YouTuber crabstickz took a two month break from posting videos on YouTube, making his subscribers believe that he quit.
What he meant was that he quit the pressure and stress that comes with being a youtuber, meaning he quit YouTube, but not the video-making on this platform.
He found the time away from YouTube to be freeing, because he wasn't forcing himself to live up to others expectations and wasn't addicted to their feedback anymore.
However, people took his joke of "quitting YouTube" very seriously and he made a video to explain and apologize.

Chris went on to say that he had stopped doing videos just for himself, as a hobby, and that he had made YouTube into more than what it is - a video sharing site.
This is the inner conflict of a Libra sun / Aquarius moon; they see what's wrong in society, they want to criticise it, they want to rebel, but they don't want to be disrespectful.
They still want to consider others, be the scale that weighs everyone's interests out.
They'd abandon their rebellion for others, if it were to offend them or make them unhappy.

And, of course, John Lennon
He, too, is a Libra sun / Aquarius moon and found a good way to blend his two motivations.
His way of rebelling was to sit at home and grow out his hair-There really is no more peaceful way to rebel.

- Marina


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