26 May 2014

Venus in Pisces / Pisces in Love

Venus is the planet of feminity and in our birth chart, it shows how we express affection.
It is the planet of love, romance and all things beautiful. Therefore, it also shows our sense of beauty and art.

In Pisces, Venus is exalted, which means that the planet's powers are strongest when expressed through this sign.
The zodiac sign a planet is in shows in which way a planetary principle, in this case our expression of affection and sense of beauty is expressed.
Pisces is the sign of universal oneness, dreams, fantasy and empathy.
Therefore, someone with a Venus in Pisces can love unconditionally and can have a great affinity to all forms of artistic expressions.

Pisces is a very dreamy and sensitive sign.
They're an easily influencable and very receptive sign, that can get lost in a world of dreams.
With Venus in this sign, a person will wear rose-tinted glasses when in love.
They can easily lose themselves when they are infatuated with someone.
They will project all their dreams and fantasies onto the person they like, romanticize them to an unhealthy amount even and fail to see the other person's imperfections.

Pisces being the sign of spiritual belief, someone with Venus in Pisces will blindly trust in having found their soulmate and put their partner on a pedestal.
Venus in Pisces does love unconditionally but with the danger of being blind to incompatibilities and problems in the relationship.

Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and of giving up one's self in service of others.
Failing to see their partner as a complex and imperfect being, they will give all of themselves to an idea that they have constructed around someone - they will live in their own world of dreams and perfect, all-consuming love.

When in a relationship, a Venus in Pisces will want to become one with their partner. Pisces stands for oneness, so they crave to share all of themselves and all of their life with their special someone.
This is where the sacrificing part comes in - they dream of merging together with someone in a romantic union but as long as their partner wants to stay independent and have a life of their own, they will always be the one who gives more, sacrifices more in a relationship, even if nobody asked them to.

In love, they are thin-skinned and don't have a very strong sense of boundaries.
They think:"When you are hurt, I am hurt and when I make you happy, I am happy too."
Their feelings being so closely tied and dependend on others, they are hurt easily and very sensitive.
Venus in Pisces dreams of romantic ideals, falls in love easily and completely, and truly believes in soulmates.
They have to learn not to glorify their loved ones too much and not to forgive having been hurt too quickly.

Jesus is said to have had a Venus in Pisces and he really is the one who taught us to love unconditionally, even our enemies.
A lot of famous people with Venus in Pisces have emphasized the strength and power of love and acceptance, including Martin Luther King Jr, Kurt Cobain and Michelle Obama.


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