27 June 2014

Moon in the House - Comfort Zones and Self-Care ♥

The Moon in your horoscope represents your inner child, your emotional world that needs to be nurtured and that wants to feel comfortable and at home.

The houses of the zodiac represent different areas of life and experience.

That's why the house your moon is in could be considered your comfort zone - where you instinctively feel drawn to and what seems natural to you.

It's very important to retreat into these comfort zones from time to time.
Even though it's important to stretch comfort zones, to put ourselves out there and to expand our horizons, we should also make time to recharge and nurture ourselves - self-care should be on top of your priority list.

Self-care is not selfish, it's absolutely neccessary and essential.

Astrology is a great tool to understand ourselves better and knowing your moon's sign and house will help you know how you can have the most effective me-time!
I've written about Moon Signs before, which is the way we carry ourselves, and today, I will get to the moon's houses!

What House is my Moon in?

Calculate your Birth Chart here and look for the symbol of the moon; ☽.
Click on it and it will tell you the House it is in above.
You can also easily find out yourself by looking at the chart - the chart is divided into twelve houses starting from the middle left in a counter-clockwise manner.

Moon in House 1

The first house is the house of self, identity, mentality... it's where we define ourselves as individuals.
With your moon in the first house, you will need to have a strong sense of who you are, of what makes you you in order to feel comfortable.
You're the kind of person who is concerned with questions like "who am I?" and "is life about finding yourself or creating yourself?"

Some self-care ideas;
As cocky as it may sounds, write about yourself - your personality, interests, life experiences and your attitude towards life. You never know if you might be famous one day so you might as well start writing your autobiography/memoirs at a young age!
Change up your looks! You will have a good time finding your personal style, trying a new hair colour and experimenting with makeup. Find your personal look that expresses your individuality. Treat yourself to new clothes or a hair appointment.
Emotional stress has immediate effects on your body! Make sure to relax by stretching, doing light exercise, meditating, yoga, pilates... most importantly, find a physical form of relaxation that you enjoy.

Moon in House 2

The second house is the house of posessions, traditions and values. With your moon in this house, you will have a deep need to feel rich. Not neccessarily financially though, you just need to know that you can count on your life being stable and that you do not have to worry about how much you indulge in things, because there will always be enough supply of it!

Some self-care ideas;
 Food is always a good idea! The riches of the earth are one way to feel rich. Treat yourself to a nice, big, expensive dinner out or just buy some extravagant ingredients to make an especially delicious homecooked meal!
 Have a spa! Run a bath, get a bath bomb to create nice scents and loads of bubbles, get some candles, make it as ridiculously luxurious as you possibly can! Hang up some golden shower curtains if you want to, there's no limits. Your body is your temple.

Moon in House 3

The third house is the house of communication and learning. With your moon in this house, you will need lots of stimulation, entertainment and a constant stream of information, because you hate being bored. You are very adaptive and always open to learn.

Some self-care ideas;
 Read more books. There's literally a book about everything and trying a genre you've never read before can really get you excited. Even just browsing through a big bookstore or online shop like amazon will lift your mood.
 Same with tv shows or films. You hate feeling like there's nothing fun to do, like there's nothing to distract you, so getting a membership for a video rental store or for netflix could be a good idea.
 Learn something new. Whether you've always wanted to learn another language or get a crash course in sewing or rope skipping or chinese history - do it! You don't even have to pay for and attend classes, there's plenty of opportunities online, including video tutorials.

Moon in House 4

The fourth house is the house of home and family. This is the natural house of the moon. People with this constellation will, you could say, find the "classic" way to recharge the most effective - spending quality time at home with their families.

Some self-care ideas;
 Families do not have to be genetic. Spend time with whom feels like family to you! Gather people around you whom you are completely comfortable with.
 Invite your close ones to a meal. You are very nurturing and love giving to others. Cooking with others or for them, gathering everyone around a big table and eating together is your idea of a relaying evening.
 Take your younger siblings or cousins to the playground, take your dog for a walk or consider finally getting those guinea pigs you've always wanted. You have really strong mother instincts, so taking care of someone is  form of taking care of yourself.

Moon in House 5

The fifth house is the house of children, play and creativity. You are a very expressive and youthful person who will be drained from their energy if you cant spend time just playing around and being a carefree child from time to time.

Some self-care ideas;
 Take up some form of art. You need some form of creative outlet, which could literally be anything from drawing to writing, film-making, sewing, singing - express yourself!
 Allow yourself to be a child. Don't think of yourself as being silly for wanting to draw or to play board games.The best way to allow yourself to be a child is to spend time with children and join them in their play.
 Dance and lipsync to your favourite songs in front of the mirror, perform your own little musical, allow yourself to be dramatic and at center stage. You have natural show master abilities, so let them come out.

Moon in House 6

The sixth house is the house of routine, work and health. It's our productive day-to-day business.
With your moon in this house, you need to feel rooted in a stable everyday routine.

Some self-care ideas;
 Organize your, day, your week - hell, plan your goals for the next years! What needs to be done? Having a good overview of everything can really calm you. Remember to plan in things you enjoy, not just chores!
 Tidy up your room! At first this might seem like the opposite of self-care but if you put on some music whilst doing it, it will be done in no time (if your room isn't tidy already) and you will feel way more in your comfort zone in a clean environment. If it makes you feel good afterwards, the littl effort really is worth it.

Moon in House 7

The seventh house is the house of others, of relationships, romance an marriage.
You feel most comfortable being in relationships and don't like being single too much. You are a natural team-player, you need to have another half to you that you can negotiate with, rather than doing everything on your own.

Some self-care ideas;
 If you're in a relationship or are currently going out with someone, go on a date! Spending romantic time with a significant other or a romantic interest is your ideal way to enjoy yourself.
 If you're single, enjoy the freedom of being able to go on the hunt, to talk to interesting strangers, maybe even get signed up on flirting platforms and apps. The excitement of fresh romance and flirting is very nurturing to you.
 Do something for someone else! For you, doing something for others might come easier than doing something for yourself and you will easily equate self-care and other-care. You do have to learn to take care of yourself as well, but since doing others a favour, buying others presents etc comes more natural to you and is in your comfort zone, do it!

Moon in House 8

The eigth house is the house of taboos and other people's resources. It's themes are very psychological and hard to grasp. These people are usually quite secretive and private.

Some self-care ideas;
 Allow yourself the privacy you need. Alone-time is definetly one of the best forms of self-care for you, you really just need time having no one watch you. You don't equate aloneless with loneliness and that's fine so don't judge yourself when you need to withdraw and not see anyone from time to time.
 Research. You're really investigative, you naturally feel drawn towards revealing the hidden truth. What others consider taboos, you want to talk about. Watch some conspiracy theory documentaries, read websites about the supernatural and occult, stalk people on social media. You're a natural detective.
 You're sensitive, have extreme emotions with strong mood swings to the point of being bipolar. The 8th house is the house of transformations and these will colour your emotional world. Start a journal. When you're in a good mood, a high, write down all the things to be happy about. When you reach a low, read them!
More about Moon in the 8th House

Moon in House 9

The ninth house is the house of higher learning, travel to foreign cultures, religion, and anything that expands our horizons, gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. People with their moon in this house will need to have some kind of religion or philosophy to feel secure.

Some self-care ideas;
 Travel. You have a restless soul and saving up some money for you to be able to just escape when you need it is a good form of self-car for you. Even if you don't have the money for long, distant vacations, just do short trips exploring a city near you or just walk through your neighbourhood taking turns you never have before. Get lost!
 Follow a religion or philosophy. If you already do, you could spend time at a religious institution, a church, a temple, or build a little altar at your home and pray. If you aren't a religious person, become clear about which philosophy of life you follow. Maybe you consider yourself a straight-edge atheist - Do your thing.
 Attend lectures. If you go to university, check out other lectures that seem interesting. If you don't, inform yourself about opportunities to attend lectures or just look some up online - there's complete lectures on youtube! Higher learning, education, anything that brings you closer to the truth of life, will make you feel really good.

Moon in House 10

The tenth house is the house of career, reputation and public image - it's what we will ultimately achieve in life. With your moon here, you will be highly aware of your career path and what you want to achieve.

Some self-care ideas;
 You are very aware of social status and rank. Feeling like a success is the best way of self-care for you. The most emotionally draining thing to you is feeling like a failure! Make a list of your successes. Remind yourself of things you did good at, small or big. Remind yourself of your capabilities. Read them whenever you feel you need to and keep adding to them.
 You're ambitious and reaching goals gives you emotional highs! What you want to achieve may fluctuate with your moods but writing down your goals and breaking them up into little baby steps will give you a feeling of direction and balance out your emotional world. Rather than looking at the full staircase, concentrate on one step after another, and you will see yourself reaching goals effortlessly.

Moon in House 11

The eleventh house is the house of society, friendship, clubs and common causes. With your moon in this house, you really are a people-person that needs to feel like a part of a group with the same interests and passions. You're really gregarious and social justice is very important to you.

Some self-care ideas;
 Join a political party, a welfare or a social justice movement. You naturally feel drawn towards these things, you're a (wo)man of the people and getting involved will make you feel really good.
 Find a social group with the same interests and passions like you. Friendships are a huge thing for you, your circle of friends is your family of choice and you need people going into the same direction with you. You can find groups and clubs by interests through websites like meetup.com

Moon in House 12

The twelfth house is the house of dreams, the unconscious and isolation. With your moon in this house, you will really need to have time just by yourself, with your own thoughts - literally isolating yourself sometimes is the best way to recharge your batteries.

Some self-care ideas;
 You will constantly feel like your mind is focused more on your inner world than what is happening around you. A good way to slow down your quick, overbearing thoughts is to try meditation! Sit, focus on your breathing and nothing else. Lots of thoughts will rush through your head, that's normal, just let them pass. Starting with 5 minutes at first is absolutely fine.
 Even by not doing a lot in a day, you will feel exhausted quickly and easily, so getting enough sleep is essential for you! Maybe even try planning in a nap in the afternoon. Try some relaxing music or nature sounds to help you fall asleep.
 Try journaling! Getting your thoughts on paper can really help the non-stopping stream of thoughts in your head calm down. You could take some time in the morning to remember your dreams and write them down, maybe interpret the symbols. You could also just write about your everyday life and how you feel about certain situations.



  1. (Moon in House 6);
    ♥ Organize your, day, your week - hell, plan your goals for the next years! What needs to be done? Having a good overview of everything can really calm you. Remember to plan in things you enjoy, not just chores!
    This is so true for me, but of course I also have sun in Taurus

    ♥ Tidy up your room! At first this might seem like the opposite of self-care but if you put on some music whilst doing it, it will be done in no time (if your room isn't tidy already) and you will feel way more in your comfort zone in a clean environment. If it makes you feel good afterwards, the little effort really is worth it.

    This is something I really need to do!

  2. Twelfth house moons have issues opening up to people. Too much into themselves and given to a life full of fantasy and intoversion.A quick question: do moon in twelfth house women have thyroid related problems or reproductive issues? Can you throw light on this?

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