09 June 2014

Sun in the 12th House

The 12th house rules isolation and places like prisons, asylums or hospitals.
It also rules the unconscious, dreams, spirituality, transcendence and drugs… everything where we get out of touch with the outer world.
It is a house of escapism and planets there are introverted rather than extroverted.

The sun is your ego and self-expression and when it falls into the 12th house, it illuminates it and you become more aware of your inner world so you may often daydream or be creative because you are more conscious of your subconscious world of fantasies.

Your sun is your vital energy, your life energy and you will draw this energy from your inner world and need a lot of time to retreat and to be with your own thoughts.

This will however give you that feeling of isolation that is associated with this house, like you’re cut off from the external world because you’re trapped in your inner one.

Sun in the 12th house

Since the 12th house rules prisons, having your sun placed in this house can feel a bit like spending your life behind bars, like watching rather than participating in life or like being in the passenger seat of your life.

The sun becomes really passive in the 12th house so you’ll feel as if you’re not really in control or like you can’t take self-motivated action.
Its almost like being at the ground of the ocean - the 12th house is ruled by neptune, god of the seas!

Because your sun is isolated and hidden you can’t really shine or take up place.
It is the constellation of shy people who don’t want to be noticed and who don’t think that their opinion is important.

The sun is your ego and self-esteem and when it’s placed in the 12th house, people tend to water themselves down and to belittle their abilities, because this house rules selfless service so people give up their egos for others.

They don’t feel entitled to be the main focus of attention and they push the spotlight away from themselves, they shrink themselves rather than taking up space.

And selflessness can be great but more often than not it is a form of self-destruction.
This house rules hidden enemies, which are usually hidden within ourselves, in our subconscious and are projected onto others.

It is a house of a feeling of inferiority because we reject planets in this house a bit and therefore fear rejection of others.

So with your sun in the 12th house, you feel guilty for having an ego and expressing yourself proudly.

There is a quote by Carl Jung which actually applies to any astrological placement. “Until an inner situation is made conscious, it will appear outside of us and we will call it fate.”

So you might think that you’re destined to watch life rather than participate in it, which is not true.

As I’ve said, you are your own hidden enemy - Your astrological constellations don’t dictate your destiny. They only show potentials and tendencies that you can work with; they’re not set in stone.

It’s like when you’re outside when it’s sunny and you go back into the house and it seems really dark until your eyes adjust to it. That’s I think what it’s like exploring a life area outside of the one your Sun is in. You just have to adjust.



  1. Thank you... so very much...! ;-; <3

  2. (yes, i did just get so obsessed with your blog that i went all the way back to 2014. i've probably spent a couple hours on here....)

    so my sun is in scorpio and the twelfth house, and my midheaven is a leo. this creates such an inner struggle for myself, one i really don't know how to get over. i love music and i love to sing (my mercury and mars are in libra), but every time my midheaven is pushing me to perform, my sun pushes back, to where i just stand in the back watching the event that i would've performed at, wishing i'd have just done it for once. this also shows up with my friends - i often stay quiet when the group is making decisions because i don't want to look like i have a huge ego and "i need to make the rules here" blah blah blah. and that keeps the peace, but then i feel really unhappy later. so i'll let my ego show through the next time, but then it ends up being a huge argument.... i just don't know what to do. i want to feel happy, but i also want to make sure that no one knows about my ego to keep the peace. is there anything i can do to accomplish this, or should i just learn how to deal with it?


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