04 June 2014

Venus in Taurus / Taurus in Love

Venus is the planet of affection, beauty, romance and art.
In Taurus, it is in its home, because that's the sign Venus rules over.
Taurus is the fixed eart sign, it's stable and grounded.

It's the sign most connected to the senses sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing and the physical realm in general.
When it comes to affection, someone with Venus in Taurus will want to connect on a physical level a lot - these people love hugging and snuggling.
Venus in Taurus is a sensual lover that craves deep intimacy and lots of closeness.

Venus rules not only romantic relationships, but all things we perceive as pleasant and beautiful.
Someone with this planet in Taurus will love all sensual pleasures.
Besides the intimacy with a loved one, that includes cosy clothes or blankets, good food and beautiful art or music.
Venus also rules all forms of art, so a Venus in Taurus will be especially drawn to these aesthetics.

Intimacy (source)
However, with their love for physical pleasures, they also tend to be a bit too indulgent.
They may have a sweet tooth or love junk food and over-eat.
They also tend towards laziness, because they prefer the comfort of their homes and beds.
These people do love taking things slow and are very domestic, but when they want to get something done in their home or garden, that will make their surroundings more beautiful, they'll go through with it.

After all, Taurus is stubborn and persistent.
This is another good thing about Venus in Taurus in relationships: They are really faithful.
They want consistency and long-term relationships.
Their ideal of a relationship is one that grows slowly and steadily, one that lasts long and builds a deep intimacy and trust.

Venus in Taurus loves routine, rituals and traditions in relationships.
They need this sense of security and consistency.

However, if they have a partner that gets bored of the same routine, Venus in Taurus can get really possesive and jealous.
They desperately want a feeling of a safe and steady relationship and will fight anything that could get in the way - a potential homewrecker or the partner's hobby that is too time-consuming.

The ideal relationship for a venus in taurus has to be firm as a rock.
They have to be sure that nothing will change and that they can always count on their partner.

Ariana Grande (source)
Since Venus in Taurus is also the planet of beauty and rules over the sign of Taurus, people with this constellation usually have great physical beauty - especially when Venus falls into their first house of appearance.

Taurus specifically gives people pretty faces with doe eyes, heavy lashes and full lips.
Especially Venus in Taurus women can have great curvy bodies, while the men are usually broad-shouldered.

Some celebrities with Venus in Taurus include Ariana Grande, Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba, Chris Brown, James Franco, Liv Tyler, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Evangelista and Michael Phelps.

- Marina


  1. Yep that's meh!

  2. venus and mars on taurus for me .

  3. ariana grande is a cancer not a taurus

    1. Her Sun sign might be cancer but the article is specifically talking about the Venus sign


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