25 July 2014

Astrocartography Travel Bucket List ✿

A picture of my sister taking a picture in spain

Your birth chart shows the planets at the place and time of your birth.
With astrocartography, you can see how the planets were located at other places at the time of your birth on a map.
Astrocatography maps show where the planets were rising, falling or directly above different locations.
Places where lots of those indicating lines overlap will show locations that will have the biggest impact on you, where you will get the most out of travelling or moving to.

Astrocartography is one of several methods of locational astrology, which purports to identify varying life conditions through differences in location. (wikipedia)

My Astrocartography map

So, why not use this tool to create a travel bucket list?
And, after having travelled those places maybe decide where you want to settle down?

I created my astrocartography map with chaosastrology's calculator.
Click on Astro*Carto*Graphy maps and type in your information.
You can find out the international time and the latitude and longitude of your birth with this astrological atlas.

Type in your birthdate, put the timezone to +0 and type in your universal time of birth.
Next, type in both the longitude and latitude of your birth place (make sure to check the east/west and north/south boxes!)
Then just click to calculate it!

Find the places in your chart where several lines accumulate (make sure its actually on land, not in the middle of the ocean).

As you can see in my chart, theres 6 areas where several lines cross over areas of land!
I then used google maps to check which countries and territories are in those areas. Below is the list of my resulting travel bucket list destinations!! :)

My Travel Bucketlist 

  1. Yukon / Alaska
  2. Quebec / Toronto / New York / Washington / Bahamas / Cuba
  3. Colombia / Ecuador / Peru / Brasil
  4. Madagaskar / Somalia / Yemen / Saudi Arabia / Iraq / Russia
  5. Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / China
  6. Philippines / Papua New Guinea / East Australia
Stay tuned to see which of these places I'll actually go to! I'll be sure to write about them and their astrological charts when I do :)

- Marina


  1. It'd be nice to know how to actually do this step by step but you never explain anything. You just tell what you did or to look it up on your blog without any references.

    1. Uhm... i always try to explain it the best way that I can, and when i do refer to my tumblr, theres all the categories to different topics in my sidebar.
      what do you not understand? how to use the calculator?

  2. Actually is ColOmbia, and is such a good place we have so beautiful landscapes and you are welcome to visit our country :)

    1. Ooops i am used to writing it with a 'u' from german :D It does seem so nice from the pictures I have seen!!!

  3. I have a question: Up at the top of your cartography chart (looks like it's in Russia) there is a spot where a bunch of lines cross at almost exactly the same point. I have a similar occurrence in my own chart. What does that clump mean?

  4. I was doing some friend's astro-cartography charts and one in particular has those lines rather spread out, with very little overlap. What could that signify?


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