16 July 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Astrological Compatibility

I asked you on tumblr for any questions you had about compatibility and I will cover them all today :)

The Sun Sign Compatibility Myth

Any two signs can potentially work out. There's a lot more to a person than just "their sign", and their whole astrological chart is to be taken in consideration.
However, based on the polarity of the signs, certain signs are either considered to be "compatible" or not and when talking about compatible signs throughout this post, these are the signs I am talking about:

All positive signs (of the elements fire and air) are compatible with each other:
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
All negative signs (of the elements earth and water) are compatible with each other:
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Sun Sign & Moon Sign

Are the sun signs compatible? Are the moon signs compatible?
Is one persons sun sign compatible with the other persons moon sign and vice versa?

The sun and moon sign are our building blocks of personality and they will determine whether two people get along. This goes for casual and platonic relationships, friendships etc.

The sun and moon sign do also play into the compatibility of couples;
The sun is the father and the moon is the mother and the cliché that men look for a woman who is like their mom and that women look for a man who is like their father is true.

Our moon sign is our idea of emotional security and if a woman represents a motherly figure for a man, she is a good long-term partner for him.
Our sun sign is our idea of charisma and great personality and women seek a men they can both look up to and be proud of.

Venus Sign & Mars Sign

Are the venus signs compatible? Are the mars signs compatible?
Is one persons venus sign compatible with the other persons mars sign and vice versa?

Venus and Mars are what attract us to each other on a romantic and sexual level, they're the feminine and masculine energies in the horoscope.

A womans venus sign describes her way of expressing love, beauty and affection.
A mans venus sign describes what he is attracted to in women, his idea of a beautiful, desirable woman.

A mans mars sign describes his idea of masculinity and strength and how he would like to be perceived.
A womans mars sign describes what she is attracted to in men, what she finds desirable.

Synastry Chart & Composite Chart

Both the synastry and the composite chart are relationship charts in astrology, rather than a personal horoscope.
The synastry chart shows the two birth charts and the aspects of the planets to each other. So, instead of taking two charts and looking where each sun, moon, venus and mars is placed, you would be able to see how these planets interact with each other in one chart.
A synastry chart would look like this, two charts combined by putting one on the inside, the other one on the outside;

Composite charts, however, look like one regular chart.
A composite chart, as the name suggests, is the composition of two charts into one through finding the midpoints of the planets in the two charts.
This composite chart then describes the character of the relationship between two people rather than the characters of two people and how they interact.


Next to these crucial planets, the overall polarity/elements and modes of a chart play a big role in whether two people will get along or not.

Astrotheme has a great compatibility calculator, that will tell you how high your love affinity is.

Do you still have questions? Write a comment! :)

- Marina


  1. Hi Marina, do you know how Astrotheme's love compability calculator works? I need to know that because it is ignores time and location. So, there aren't any aspects or houses etc. for synastri calculations. I guess calculation independent from astrological chart but... And I wonder, because someone results 100% compatible (How?) for me in calculation. Thanks...

    1. I am guessing they only consider the signs the planets are in.
      Although they could be incorrect as well without the exact time of birth!!
      Not sure though how exactly it works, but it sure isnt very reliable.
      Thank you for the comment :)


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