17 July 2014

Astrology Finds of the Month ♥

1) Zodiac Sign Charm in Sterling Silver or Gold with Customized Initial 2) Moonlight Clock 3) Zodiac American Apparel T-Shirt in different colors 4) Billabong Womens Zodiacs Tank Shirt 5) POPKILLER Zodiac Horoscope Tank 6) Leo Horoscope Watch in Gold (Unisex) 7) Star-sun Zodiac Tapestry Black & White

Hello everyone,
if you're like me and you need physical proof that you're into something, like merchandise, you probably browse the internet for the most random products.
These are some really pretty astrology-/zodiac-themed things I have found!

I have one of these necklace charms myself (a silver sagittarius one) but I still don't have any astrology-themed clothing items... an american apparel boyfriend tee is always a good option in my opinion, but I also found some girlier versions :3
There's lots of pretty astrology watches out there but most of them are really expensive. This one I have found, however, is actually affordable!

As you might know, I will be redocarating my room this year and I was thinking about getting one of these zodiac tapestry or even the moon clock as well... I'll keep you updated on that :)

- Marina

1 comment:

  1. Hi, If you are looking for redecorating your room then look no further then this beautiful yellow zodiac tapestry - http://www.fairdecor.com/_yellow-zodiac-tapestry-sun-moon-calendar-tapestry


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