05 July 2014

Astrology & Music - What is your musical taste judging from your Horoscope?

There is a theory from Pythagoras called the harmony of the universe. He believed that every star and planet in the universe sends out a specific vibration while it moves through space and the playing together of all the stars and planets moving and vibrating on certain frequencies creates a sort of harmonic piece of music - the harmony of the universe.
( I wrote more about this in my article What is Astrology? How and why does it work? )

Now, everyone is born into a specific place and time in space and the harmony of the universe playing at this exact moment would influence this person heavily.
That is because each persons horoscope is a sort of snapshot of space at their time and place of birth.
So, everyone represents a specific harmony of the universe.

You may know the sensation of several keys on the piano being played together and creating this intense harmony that somehow causes the air to vibrate. Or you may have experienced the same sensation with a singer hitting just the right note and getting that vibrato in their voice (i suck at music but i guess you know what i am talking about here).

Long story short: Everybody has a different constellation of planetary influences that has been imprinted into their minds, everybody's personality radiates a certain energy, vibrates on a certain frequency.

If you listen to music (or meet a person!!!) that is highly compatible with your chart, you and that piece of music (or you and the other person) start to vibrate with each other, that's when it just "clicks", when two puzzle pieces have been combined and their energies flow in perfect harmony.

Here's the factors to someone's taste in music in their horoscope:


The planet Venus in someone's horoscope describes their sense of art and beauty - what do they consider beautiful, aesthetic, artistic, pleasureful?

The sign venus is in describes what kinds of things they find beautiful - what they should be like, feel like, sound like...

The house venus is in describes the context they express beauty and affection in, or, in the case of music, what songs should be about, the theme of lyrics.


Neptune is the planet of the intangible, dreams, visions, the realm of fantasy - the essence of what music is, its spirit, you might say.

The deeper meaning of it rather than just the aesthetic part of it, as describes by Venus.

Neptune is the planet of escapism, its associated with drugs, arts, the depth of the sea - where we become one with something outside of ourselves. Very trippy.
Music offers both a form of escapism but also a form of connection - of the musician with his audience or the people within a crowd all listening to the same song.

Neptune therefore is all about the soul of things, the deeper, emotional part of it, the vibe and rythm.

DISCLAIMER:  I don't know a lot about music and its genres and styles and ways to describe it.

Fire; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, House 1, House 5, House 9

Upbeat, fun, aggressive music.
House 5 and Leo are connected to children and play and like pop music.
House 9 always explores new fields of music, likes to listen to music from other countries and in other languages.
Aries is aggressive, expressive. Music genres include rock, metal, rap.
Sagittarius is both upbeat and laid-back; genres like pop punk.
House 1 is the house of self and people with this influence will define themselves according to what music they listen to.

Earth; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, House 2, House 6, House 10

Music that you can feel with your body.
Earth is the element of the physical realm - you like sensual music.
Taurus likes deep voices and a bass that you can feel. Blues, RnB.
Virgo likes clean, "organic" songs, meaning acoustic or even acapella.
House 2 is very sensual, they like songs to be either instrumental or with a really good voice. Zero tolerance for bad singing basically.
House 10 and House 6 like music that others would listen to as well, meaning they chose songs they know other people around them won't hate. Nothing too weird and experiemental or polarizing.
Capricorn likes music that is well-produced, thought-out and put-together rather than "dumb and simple".

Air; Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, House 3, House 7, House 11

Quirky music. Electronic music. Indie music.
Aquarius is the rebellious sign, its the hipster of the zodiac. They listen to music you probably havent even heard of. Alternative, expiremental.
House 11 feels drawn to connecting in social circles, sharing their music with others, maybe even want to be in a band themselves.
House 7 is all about romance and lovesongs.
House 3 likes actually listening to the lyrics and clever wordplays in songs.
Libra likes songs that are easy to listen to, pop music, ballads, mainly chart music.
Gemini likes quick music, fast beats, electronic or even dubstep.

Water; Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, House 4, House 8, House 12

Emotional music.
Scorpio is eery and "dirty", music like Arctic Monkeys, genres like RnB or Grunge.
Cancer is all about home, roots and memories. Folk or country music, slow and mellow.
House 8 likes texts about taboo topics, in rap and hip hop for example.
Pisces is trippy, soulful. Genres like chillstep, raggea.
House 12 likes instrumental music, House 4 likes lovesongs.

Fun Facts about sounds in the Universe:
Did you know that the echo of the big bang can still be heard in the universe?
Or that, because of the gases in Mars' atmosphere, your voice would be deeper if you spoke there - how ironic, considering that Mars is the planet of masculinity.

- Marina


  1. My venus in Aries definitely likes rock music, I'll have to look at the rest of my chart to see other correlations :)

  2. Hah my chart contradicts itself!
    Neptune in aquarius= experimental songs (electronica and indi)
    Venus in Virgo= Clean and non experimental songs (classical probably)
    Neptune in 11= Experimental, not what everyone else listens too
    Venus in 6= what people listen to, not too out there....

    The best part is that this is all true!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. LOL u have exact same positions as me...and i only listen to EDM mainly Trance, i like rock and metal but its not my thing

  4. So my Venus is in Cancer and right now I'm watching one of those infomercials that's selling love music from the 80s and 90s. Brings me back to car rides when I was little in the 90s, I love it. I love this kind of music because of nostalgia. ^_^

  5. i have venus, mars and other planets i cant recall right now in capricorn. i like rock, heavy metal music. sometimes some classic or relaxing stuff though

  6. Gemini Mercury/Moon.

    I like deep emotion in music, but I like to express those deep emotions through expansive vocabulary and clever wordplay. I also very much enjoy creating very mechanical and machinelike fast beats, almost like glitch. Gemini?

    I have Venus in Aries.. which I don't see reflected in my tastes. I do like very heavy music tho...
    I guess that's it?

    I happen to think Mercury has a lot to do with composing music, because it is the mind of the person.
    This can especially be heard in electronic music, because it is ALL ABOUT THE MIND and what kind of mind you have.

    Aquarius/Gemini Mercury producers tend to have the most unique/weird/fast paced/innovative electronic music that I've personally heard.

  7. Venus cj Uranus in Scorpio - intense beats. Have been enjoying fast EDM ever since progressed Moon entered Gemini.

    Mercury cj Neptune in Sag - love exotic music. I can't stand most music from my home country.

  8. Huh I'm Scorpio & I Like Genres Like Metalcore & Electronicore (Asking Alexandria & I See Stars)

  9. A taurus here with Venus in aries and moon in scorpio.

    Im a metalhead. More into gloomy very dark aggressive subgenres in metal scene like black,death,doom,dsbm,gothic.
    And... cant stop the passion for rock even grunge (nirvana)

    However i enjoy classical instrumentals as well.

    Cant deny the fact that i love to dance so likes to listen to EDM (which is for a surprise for my other metalhead friends)