09 July 2014

Private Spaces - Water Houses

Ahoi everyone,
as some of you may know, I have a twin sister called Anika.
Until the age of 3, we shared a room with our older brother and after moving, shared a room with each other up until now.
Now being 19 years old and having finished school, my sister is going to move out to go to Uni in Berlin and, for the first time in my life, I'm going to have my own room, my own private space.

My sister Anika and I

Being someone with both sun, moon and mars in waterhouses, I am a very private person and need a lot of time alone to recharge.
Although I do feel completely comfortable around Anika, I was never able to really experience real privacy - having a place that is just mine and mine alone (I remember painting walls or moving furniture in our room while she was away and her coming back home and being completely pissed).
(i also locked myself up in the bathroom a lot when i wanted to be alone)

The Waterhouses

House 4 is the house of the home and family.

House 8 is the house of secrets, hidden things, taboos.

House 12 is the house of escapism and seclusion.

Do you have any planets in those houses? Especially the personal planets, sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars indicate that you're a private person!

I like to imagine people with their personal planets in waterhouses to need the feeling of being back in the womb, in the amniotic fluid, feeling safe, at home, protected.

Its not quite what Siegmund Freud said though, that everything that people do is motivated by the need to get back into the womb (and that thats the reason we have sex???) but these people are very sensible regarding unpleasant surroundings like crowded places and noise.

The effect of the personal planets in waterhouses are these:

The personal planets

Sun: The vital energy, personality is hidden/private
Moon: The emotional world is hidden/private
Mercury: The intellect and communication are hidden/private
Venus: The expression of affection and art is hidden/private
Mars: The aggressions and self-assertion are hidden/private

Maybe I should make an inside joke about it and call my own room "my waterhouse", put a sign on my door.
Actually, I have really been thinking about giving my room a bit of a nautical theme, picking up the meaning of my name; Marina - the one from the sea.
I have been inspired by beach huts and cottages a lot, here's some inspirational collages / a "mood board" (so fancy) :

Click pictures to enlarge

- Marina


  1. I'm a twin too! I just realized that this is shown in my chart with Gemini on the cusp of the fourth house; I can't believe I hadn't noticed this before. It's funny because I've also heard that twins are more likely to have twins, and since I also have Gemini on the cusp of the fifth house, it's possible that if I wanted to have kids, they'd possibly be twins.

    1. Ive heard a lot of twins actually are geminis but me and my sister are actually sagittarians which is a bit ironic considering its the opposing sign hehe

  2. Thanks for this! What if water houses have fire signs on them? How does it differ then?