11 July 2014

Sagittarius, the commitophobe


Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, is associated with luck, expansion, optimism and rules the sign Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is the archer, bow and arrow pointing at the horizon, the point of expansion, always focused on what's to come - more, better, bigger, brighter.
This sign is never content with the current situation, there will always be room for improvement, the green is always greener somewhere.

That's why Sagittarius has the reputation of the commitophobe.
They don't want to be so commited to something that they won't have the freedom to go into the direction of better alternatives coming along.
With anything they do, they will always make sure to keep an eye on the exit sign.
They might get bored, or it will not serve their growth anymore, so they will have to get out of there as soon as possible - to never stop their wandering, learning, expanding of their mental horizons.

Sagittarius has a really hard time settling for anything because they are never quite sure whether they have really found the gold standard.
This goes for everything; people, places, hobbies.

They are the explorers and the only thing they're commited to is to finding where the grass is greener than anywhere else.
Which they never will, because their horizons will move with them and they will never arrive.
Sagittarius is the eternal wanderer.

- Marina

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