21 July 2014

The Complete Zodiac Tattoo Guide ★

Tattoos related to astrology are great because they're both very personal and also transpersonal and symbolic.
I don't have any tattoos and am not planning on getting any (because that's too much of a commitment for a sagittarius like me) but you were really excited when I suggested this topic on my tumblr so today, I will take you through all the things to consider when choosing your personalized zodiac tattoo :)

First of all, of course, the symbol of your zodiac sign;

Meanings of the Zodiac Symbols

Aries - a source from which life springs, birth
Taurus - mother earth, the nurturing mother cow
Gemini - the dualism of night and day, light and dark, etc
Cancer - the ascending and descending, the cycles of the moon
Leo - symbol of sun, life, energy, immortality
Virgo - the time of reaping
Libra -scales or sunset, symbolizing harmony and balance
Scorpio - rune of death with a scorpions tail
Sagittarius - an arrow pointing to the sky, the pursuit of something higher
Capricorn - the symbol of the rising sun (winter solistice)
Aquarius - the forward-movement of water, infinite progression
Pisces - two fishes who are tied together but swim in opposing directions

Maybe, instead of getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign you want to get a picture or symbol of its ruling planet?
Or the dominating planet in your horoscope?
Or just a planet that is associated with a theme that is of a very important and personal meaning to you!

Associated Body Parts

In the field of medical astrology, each sign is associated with certain body parts and resulting health issues.
To give your tattoo even more symbolic meaning, you could consider getting it at its matching body part!

Aries - head, face
Taurus - throat, neck
Gemini - arms, shoulders, hands
Cancer - chest, breasts, stomach
Leo - heart, chest, spine, upper back
Virgo - digestive system, intestines
Libra - kidneys, skin, buttocks
Scorpio - reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels
Sagittarius - hips, thighs, liver
Capricorn - knees, joints
Aquarius - ankles, calves
Pisces - feet, toes

Associated Colors

Maybe you're considering getting a tattoo in a color other than the classic black ink?

Aries - Red
Taurus - Green
Gemini - Yellow
Cancer - White, Silver (white ink tattoos are amazing, they look like scars but very delicate and beautiful)
Leo - Orange, Gold
Virgo - Gray
Libra - Pastels, especially pink and yellow
Scorpio - Dark Red, charcoal
Sagittarius - Purple, Royal Blue
Capricorn - Brown, beige
Aquarius - Turquoise, electric blue
Pisces - Sea-green, indigo

Do you have any zodiac or astrology themed tattoos or are planning on getting any?
I would love to see them, you can send them in my submissions box on tumblr! :3

Thank you for reading!

- Marina


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  3. Thanks for sharing. Helps me to knowing myself.


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