04 July 2014

The Strength of Vulnerability - Pisces vs Scorpio

Lately I have been thinking about vulnerability a lot and how for me, with scorpio being my strongest sign, it's really hard to let go of the control over my own emotional state.
I have always had a problem with intimacy - letting other people see me the way I see myself.
Partly because I don't even dare looking into to depths of myself either.

That's the thing about Scorpio - it is the sign that has the hardest time with vulnerability.
It's ruled by Pluto, the planet of obsession, control, power, and to a Scorpio, vulnerability feels like utter powerlessness.

There's another way to look at vulnerability, though - as a form of strength.
Its an act of extreme bravery.
Its courageous to open ourselves up, to allow others to see all of us, to not pretend to be anything that we are not.

Pisces, Scorpio and Vulnerability

The Moon describes your feelings and instincts and will tell you the most about how someone deals with vulnerability.
Someone like me, with their moon in leo conjuncting mars in the 8th house will have an extremely hard time opening up, showing vulnerability, giving in, letting go of control.

The moon sign with the weakest defense mechanisms, i have found, is the Pisces Moon.
Pisces is the sign of oneness, letting go, dreams, hallucinations, drugs - where we completely open ourselves up to both the deepest love and the deepest pain.

Thats the thing about vulnerability: You cant open yourself up to the good and close yourself off to the bad.
Look at your feelings like a pendulum - the stronger it swings in one direction, the stronger it can swing in the other.
If youre completely locked up in the middle, you won't feel pain, guilt, shame, anxiety - all that bad stuff. But you won't ever be able to experience ridiculous joy, bliss, unconditional love and ecstasy.
That's what Pisces is about.
Pure vulnerability; the courage to risk destroying ourselves in the hopes of experiencing pure ecstasy.

Pisces is also the sign that will blindly trust you, believe everything you say and that can easily fall into the role of the victim.
Scorpio, on the other hand, will want to rule over you, have complete control, have the whole power in their hands.

Pisces Musicians and Vulnerability

I wasnt to sure whether to include this personal story but , hey, this is a post about vulnerability after all, so might as well.
I was at a festival last week and I saw Foster the people live (love them) and at first I didn't know what fascinated me about the lead singer, Mark Foster, but when he sang his own lyrics in front of thousands with his arms stretched out and his eyes closed I realized - he was being super vulnerable and exactly what I could never be.
Mark Foster is a Pisces by the way, and he has been addicted to drugs before. Living up to the clichés.
These were the lyrics:
Yeah, I really miss you, miss you, I said
Smile at the chance just to see you again
I really miss you, miss you, I said
And, seriously, I don't know if I am the only one here but I already find admitting you miss someone an extreme act of vulnerability. I'm scorpionian like that.

I later discovered this quote by Mark Foster about vulnerability which I really loved:
“I found that true strength is found in vulnerability. And that when I’m writing about something I’m afraid of, it’ll set somebody else free from something that they’re going through, and I feel like that’s the best gift.” - Mark Foster
Rihanna and Chris Brown

Some other pisces musicians include Rihanna, whose dominant sign is also pisces.
She was literally really vulnerable in her relationship with Chris Brown, got beaten up by him (apparently?) but came back to him again and again. I'm in no place to judge whether their relationship is worth it, but this requires a lot of vulnerability and love.

Other musicians with their strongest sign being Pisces who are conisdered both a genius and a complete wreck include Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.
Even Jesus Christ apparently was a Pisces and he sacrificed himself in an act of pure love.

- Marina

PS: You know how people say that love is the opposite of fear?
Because love and hate are the same things, just at other ends of the scale (of affection), but fear is the opposite of love because love makes you brave, fearless.
As long as you dont open yourself up to loving you will never reach the opposite state of fear. Vulnerability is strength.


  1. Yes.

    I am brazilian, pisces man, 23 years old.

    I love and hate Scorpio people.

    My best friend is a Scorpio. But I'm afraid to fall in love with a Scorpio woman. This has happened before. Water signs are magnetic, our connection is very fast. It's very natural.
    But I hate possessive and manipulative people. My friend was very jealous. We looked like a gay couple. Oh my God ...

  2. What do you mean by saying that your strongest sign is scorpio? I thought you were a sag

    1. most planets in my chart are in scorpio :-)

  3. I am a Pisces moon.... and I don't know why I am crying after reading this blog... thankyou for this article.


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