20 August 2014

Careers for the Zodiac Signs - Midheaven Astrology

Hello everyone!

I recently suggested some rather ironic careers for the zodiac signs on tumblr, like homeless person or indiana jones but I figured that since most of my readers are in their teens and 20s, trying to figure out what to do with their life, a more serious blogpost on picking a career with astrology might be a good idea.
So, this is your midheaven sign!!

What is the Midheaven?

The MC (short for medium coeli, meaning midheaven) is the point in the sky, that, at the place and time of your birth, was directly above you. Like a north star, this point in your horoscope shows you the direction your life is going in. The MC is the cusp of the 10th house in the horoscope, the house of career.
Your MC sign will tell you about your reputation, public image, what you will get credit and fame for in your life, where your place in the social hierachy is. It's known as "the point of fame and fortune".
The MC does not necessarily tell you about your passions, talents and interests - that would require a more in-depth analysis of your personal birth chart.
It does, however, tell you about what you will earn respect and recognition for most naturally and what will become more and more important throughout your life so these career suggestions might give you an idea to how you can combine these fortunes with your personal interests.

How do I calculate my Midheaven Sign?

Use this calculator, put in your birthday and exact (!!!) time of birth and look at what it says for your MC sign at the very bottom. That's it!

Aries Midheaven

Anything heroic and daring. Sports and military, risky medical jobs, independent entrepreneurship, police, stock broker. Risking your life for others as a fireman, breaking records as an athlete, putting yourself out there, on the edge, being a leeder and a pioneer.

Taurus Midheaven

Anything with pleasure, possesions. Real estate agent, beautician, chef, restaurant owner, gardener or farmer, interior designer. Anything that involves making people's surroundings pleasureful and enriched. Also anything with saving up money, or trading goods with high values. Banker, consultant, art dealer, antiques dealer, etc.

Gemini Midheaven

Anything that has to do with sharing information and networking. Public relations, radio or tv host, news anchor. Anything with knowledge and books - author, editor, working for magazines and newspapers as a journalist etc. Marketing, advertisement. Anything with comedy and entertainment (stand up, circus acrobat, mascot, disney princess...)

Cancer Midheaven

Anything with caring and mothering. Kindergarten teacher, nanny, nurse, social worker, caterer. In hotels and restaurants. Anything that has to do with the past - antiques dealer, archeologist, historian. Anything that has to do with the emotional world - poet, author of lovestories and dramas, psychiatrist, musician.

Leo Midheaven

Anything that will put the spotlight on you. Actor, spokesperson, model, it-girl, corporate manager, reality show star, maybe even president. Anything with luxury and entertainment - director, jeweller, casino owner. Leo's are also known for their great manes so you could be a hairstylist. Anything theatrical and show-off.

Virgo Midheaven

Anything practical, down-to-earth, scientific. Something that brings order and improves the world. Health, nutrition, finances, taxes, also anything medical. Scientific research to help cure diseases or improve current methods. Cleaning, organizing, analyzing, assisting - as a secretary, librarian. Anything that requires an orientation towards details and concentration like watchmaking, archeological findings, maybe even defusing bombs.

Libra Midheaven

Anything that brings peace and beauty in the world. Designers of any kind - graphic, fashion, interior. Mediating, counselling, anything in the legal field as well as guidance and marriage counsellor. Wedding planer. Anything with styling, including hair, makeup, costume design. Seller of beautiful goods - art dealer, florist. Creating art - written, spoken, painted, sung, played,...

Scorpio Midheaven

Behind the scenes, intense, deep, investigative work. Detective, agent, profiler, investigator. Anything with psychology, anything that requires you to deeply understand people and then heal them. Work in asylums, hospitals, as a psychiatrist or alternative healer. Doing any kind of research. Anything to do with the dead. Funeral director or pathologist. Anything with sex, finances and mysticism - what people don't really want to talk about. Breaking taboos.

Sagittarius Midheaven

Traveling, learning, teaching, preaching. Travel blogger, travel guide, writing about other cultures, ambassador, teaching languages abroad. Teaching anything in the field of higher learning, especially philosophy, but any kind of university and college work really. Motivational speaker, spiritual teacher. Anything religious. Seeing the big picture, traveling and broadening your mind and sharing it, teaching it, preaching it.

Capricorn Midheaven

Anything that makes you be in control of keeping the order and working towards success. Anything for the police or the law enforcement in general. Bouncer or guard. Positions of control - CEO, manager. Anything with finances - accountant, banker. Anything in politics. Being a respected figure of high influence and authority.

Aquarius Midheaven

Anything in the social field. Social justice, social work, politician, activitst, fighting for equality and the rights of people. Progressive science - astronomy, astrology, engineering, alternative energy sources, environmental sciences. New age guru. Modern forms of art like photography, graphic design and film making that spread a message to the general public. Having influence on society in a progressive, future-oriented way.

Pisces Midheaven

Anything spiritual, other-worldly, that requires you to have vision. Making films, writing books for genres like fantasy, fairytales, supernatural and for children. Medium, tarot reader, psychic. Anything that requires a sense of poetry, harmony and emotions - musician, poet, dancer. Anything that lets you be at serivce for others, inspire them, heal them, be of spiritual guidance.

Have a nice day!! :)
- Marina


  1. I don't see this correct at all. I have scorpio midheaven but all I want to do is working with computers.

    1. I think that could totally work! Understanding the deep workings and mechanisms, doing research and investigative work is totally possible when working with computers :)

  2. Found your blog on Tumblr while I was looking for character names oddly enough. It's a little scary how accurate some of this stuff is. For example, I'm a Capricorn and read your post about that. Many of the attributes describe me... although not all of them. Also my MC is Pisces. I've always been creative and I love writing especially in the fantasy genre. I would love to publish a book someday! I've never given astrology much thought but it is certainly interesting.
    Great blog!

    1. Thank you I am so glad I could introduce you to some deeper aspects of astrology ^.^
      Pisces midheaven is the perfect placement for a fantasy author and you definetly have the ambition and work ethic needed being a capricorn to succeed!!
      Good luck! xx

  3. My MC is Aries but it sounds NOTHING like what I want to be when I get older. I am kind of shy but that's probably bc my Sun is in Cancer and my moon is in Taurus. BUT I am working on becoming less shy bc I want to become something like Leo's MC. Its probably bc I am a rising Leo :/

  4. My MC is Sagittarius but I think I would be good for law. ~ Sag sun, Pisces moon, Aquarius rising

    1. Aquarius rising definitely gives you an eye for social justice!

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  6. I also don t think it s correct, I have a Sagittarius mc.. but I m all about the spotlight or positions of power and publicity. My dream is to be an actor but anything art related (music, dancing, architecture, design, writing, painting are my things, as long as I get recognized for them) and another option is the criminology field (so anything that induces you that adrenaline rush, the need to deduce and think and involve all of yourself, also psychoanalyse, or be in danger, so yeah totally not doing it to help others).
    But it might because of my other placements: gemini sun and moon with aquarius rising... also my dominant sign is aries and on the second place I have at equality gemini and aquarius... anyway nothing from the Sagittarius mc suits my personality (since I'm a very dominant person and I need a job not only that gives me recognition)... those are actually the type of jobs I m standing as far away from as I can since I find them totally distasteful ^.^

    1. I need a job that also gives me recognition*

      The ones that would suit me are leo mc or scorpio mc... also pisces and aquarius mc to a point but not so much

  7. leo midheaven, all my ex told me to be detective (Scorpio riser thing)
    All the job the boss gave me were always the difficult job with big responsibility, its said that Leo MC person looks super-reliable, so thats it, depressing job like always

  8. Why do astrologers recommend to pursue medical professions or social work for Pisces midheaven? Those professions seem quite Virgoan, which is the exact opposite of Piscean. The detail orientation and focus necessary for working in medicine seems so wrong for Pisces MC.


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