26 August 2014

Dylan O'Brien Chart Reading // Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Dylan O'Brien who turns 23 today!! Let's take a look at his chart!
I don't know his time of birth so this will be quick and simple and not very in-depth!

The first apparent thing in his chart was the cluster of planets including his sun - Sun in virgo in a conjunction of four planets including mercury, venus and jupiter all in leo!
This makes the kind of person who has an immense amount of charisma, wit and charm.
These qualities tend to be over the top and exaggerated through jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.
He is a natural entertainer and showman.
Especially with his sun in virgo, a sign ruled by mercury, he is witty, funny and a talker - the kind of person who demands being listened to with his lively presence. A storyteller.
A storyteller that tends to blow things out of proportion to make it more interesting and entertaining.

Overall, he has a super favorable chart, there are no harsh angles between the planets.
Honestly none, which is incredible!!
A down-side to this, however, could be that there is no real potential for growth.
He's probably the kind of person who's always been this way - the class clown since preschool and now he still is the actor with the extremest gestures and facial expressions.
Oh yeah by the way now that I wrote that: his laugh is very very extreme. He scream-laughs.

To add some more depth to his personality, he's not just the funny guy.
He has a pisces moon sextile neptune which makes him very very sensitive, empathetic, tender and compassionate.
In combination with his virgo sun, he is a very tactful person, who always makes sure that he is polite, appreciates others and does not say anything hurtful.

Dylan is very service-oriented.
He wants others to feel welcomed and build a sense of unity around people.
He is very easily influenced by the moods of people around him, he can easily sense them, pick up people's feelings and absorbs them like a sponge.
This he can either use to lift up the atmosphere with his abilities to charm and entertain or, as a negative aspects - in case he does not find the power to transform - this could end in depression and nervousness due to his receptivity for moods.

However, he does have the moon trine pluto!! Which shows that he does have the ability to use these abilities in powerful, transformative ways.

Dylans Birth Chart
Although he is a combination of an empath and an entertainer - or more correctly an empathetic entertainer - he is also very down-to-earth and likes to stick with simple things that he knows and is used to.

His mars trines saturn in it's home in aquarius.
He readily takes responsibility, takes charge and has everything under control.
Which supports his responsibility of being the one who transforms the mood into a cheery one.
A very selfless, service-oriented chart without a lot of challenges.
Honestly, it's like god put him on earth saying "your only task is to sense when people feel sad and make them not sad by being super weirdly entertaining. That's all."

- Marina